International Law (By Awaid Irshad)

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International Law for CSS has always remained quite a popular subject among the aspirants due to its high scoring trends and easily doable exams. But the post CSS 2018 scenario altered the picture when the examiner moved towards highly analytical and unconventional questions, hence changing the preparing strategy as well. The subject demands a thorough understanding of the course along with understanding of the language of law and the subject in particular. The legal jargons, Latin terminologies, Case Laws, glossary and analytical skills are some of the essentials for this subject. Having mentioned the pre-requisites of handling the trickiest exam questions and gaining marks in International Law, I feel I am in position to guide the candidates through it. My MA degree in International Relations enabled me to thoroughly study and understand the gist of the subject. It provided me with an opportunity to score 62 in CSS 2019 which remained one of the highest in International Law exam. Hence, I believe with such analysis and methodology, the candidates would be able to excel in this subject. So, this course is tailor-made to develop the analytical skills of the candidates enabling them to not only handle but also score well in International Law for CSS, considering the post 2018 exam pattern.

International Law