Gender Studies

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Gender Studies is one of the most sought-after courses in CSS. Consequently, aspirants find it increasingly difficult to distinguish themselves from others in the ‘competitive’ exam. On top of that, the resources available in the ‘market’ are quite substandard due to which aspirants tend to be ill-equipped for the exam. This course is designed to cover the entire course along with all associated technicalities – past paper analysis, paper-attempting techniques, tips and tricks etc. The slides used in the course are thoroughly comprehensive. These, along with additional resources attached, shall provide the aspirants with a one-stop lecture series to get grip on all topics (both theoretical and practical in nature) and convert these into their own notes with ease. This course is designed to be smart & focused yet comprehensive and all-inclusive. As an instructor, I shall make every effort to make sure that, those who opt for this course, score at least as much as I did (77/100!) Note: From the exams perspective, it’s complete; I have omitted some minor unimportant bits. There is only one topic left that does appear sometimes but not covered— difference between women and gender studies esp with reference to Pakistan. I skipped this question myself while preparing because I couldn’t find quality content on this, so it's better to focus on topics which are important and on which it’s possible to find good quality content. As soon as I find something that makes this question worthy to be attempted in the exam, I’ll share the resource with you. Other than that, I want to keep improving the content, so have a few ideas in mind, but that’s just my intellectual exercise to keep making things better. Bottom Line: The content that’s available covers almost the entire course especially from the exam’s perspective.

CSS Gender Studies course covers the entire range of syllabus with past paper analysis, answer-attempting techniques, high scoring tips along with all relevant additional resources to study smart.