Environmental Science

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Muhammad Hamza Abbas secured 13th Position in Pakistan in CSS 2019 and belongs to Pakistan Administrative Service (48th Common). He is one of the few candidates who have mastered CSS with flying colors along with a full time job. After graduating from UET Lahore in 2017, for three years, he had been associated with WWF-Pakistan where he worked in the capacity of a project and research officer for the Climate and Energy Program. At WWF, he was an active participant of an array of projects; he also lead and authored the reports of 2 flagship projects - one in collaboration with UNESCO and one with Tetra Pak. During his time at UET Lahore, Hamza established himself as a renowned national level orator and thereby also availed the opportunity of serving as the President of the Debating society at UET Lahore. Owing to his experience at UET and WWF Hamza has inculcated in himself the art of public speaking, proposal writing, team leadership, and applied research. Moreover, Hamza is an avid applicant of optimization and precision; an approach he followed while preparing for CSS with a full time job. This helped him developing an in depth analysis of all the relevant and pertinent areas of study with regards to the demands of the contemporary times. Hamza will be deploying the same tried and tested approach of optimization and precision in his course of Environmental Science- a subject very close to his heart. Breakdown of the Course/Paper: • 100 marks paper • Comprises of section A and B; A covers the objective portion and is based on 20 considerably straightforward MCQs; B comprises of 7 questions of 20 marks out of which only 4 have to be attempted. • Essentially the syllabus is divided into 8 components however barring one all the remaining are not only important but will also be covered in detail in this course. • A bird-eye view of the past papers will intimate the intricacies that can be expected from this course. Having said that, it won’t be baseless to claim that the questions asked are mainly quite straightforward and relevant with the contemporary times. • This course has been specifically designed to tackle all the primary and tertiary aspects of the syllabus in the most unique and research-oriented manner. I have been out in extra hours only to make the slides more user-friendly and less boring  • Please note: Although the course is well versed in statistics and diagrams of a large array, however, it is still recommended that the students research on their own as well and find out statistics/diagrams that may distinguish them amongst their peers.

Environmental Science CSS course covers the entire range of syllabus with past paper analysis, answer-attempting techniques, high scoring tips along with all relevant additional resource.