Current Affairs (Dummy Course)

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CSS Current Affairs is that one subject that continuously haunts the imagination of CSS aspirants. Undoubtedly it is the most important subject that is tested in competitive examination with everything under the sun finding its place in the syllabus of current affairs. It is almost impossible to truly reflect upon its real place and importance in your success in competitive examination. The enormity of syllabus and complexity of topics ranging from global debates surrounding international political security to international strategic competition and from regional issues to national newsmakers, make it a difficult nut to crack. The importance of current affairs can be gauged from the fact that it is the one subject that constitutes the core of every subject-matter tested in all papers of competitive examination. Whether you are attempting Islamiat or you are jostling with environmental sciences, you would be asked to and you are expected to frame your response in competitive examination while giving current appraisal of that topic. Suffice to say that current affairs is the powder of the gun you call CSS. Current affairs provide you with much-needed content which you are supposed to write in your answers in competitive examination. With this prologue, this course of current affairs at Nearpeer.Org has been designed while keeping in mind the most potent and latest aspects and debates reshaping the global affairs and which are most likely to make it to the paper set by CSS examiner in CE-2023 and beyond. The lectures have been kept to the point, cogent and relevant to cover the aspects that are likely to be asked in CE-2023. The lectures would be constantly revised, reviewed, updated and amended to keep in touch with events as they unfold. The lectures would be consisting of historical, geographic, cultural, social, economic, strategic, political, economic and technical aspects of the latest debates. These video lectures have been specially conceived keeping in view the past questions asked in CSS Current Affairs papers in previous years. The syllabus covered in these video lectures would include: ⦁ Issues in Asia Pacific Region ⦁ Middle East ⦁ Central Asia and Afghanistan ⦁ China, Russia and CARs ⦁ Developments in Europe ⦁ Brexit ⦁ Kashmir ⦁ Palestine ⦁ SAARC and South Asia ⦁ Issues in Politics and Security of Pakistan ⦁ Past Papers and Other Tips The lectures would be covered by Mr. Zohaib Ahmed Anjum.

Current Affairs 2023 (New Course)