Criminology (By Hassnain)

Criminology got introduced in the CSS examination subjects list from 2016 onwards. It is therefore a relatively newer subject from the exam viewpoint. However, it covers interesting dimensions from both national as well as international aspects. The subject is based on theories but covers the practical aspects of criminal investigation, criminal justice system and juvenile delinquency. Moreover, the sections on international organizations and modern concepts are not only interesting but also require the students to read and explore the extensive scope of this subject. This subject being a relatively recent to addition to the CSS examination, sometimes the aspirants find it difficult to get the right mentorship for this course. Additionally, the extensive scope of this subject spanning over both domestic and international areas of study requires several books to be consulted for its thorough preparation. All these aspects have been kept in mind while designing this course here. The paper requires 1 question each to be attempted from all 4 sections and therefore all sections have been given due importance. The best part, however, is that it is a very interesting subject, is relevant to the happenings in our surrounding and has a good scoring trend. Moreover, its course outline is not excessively lengthy and this adds to its credentials for being the right choice for many aspirants. The course is divided into 8 modules and will also discuss past papers to help the aspirants. I assure you of an exciting journey together and wish you all the best!

Criminology by Sir M Hasnain Arshad