Constitutional Law

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For those of who have opted Political Science, Constitutional Law should be their default "go to" choice in Group 6 as the syllabus content as well as past paper questions of both subjects are remarkably similar. This choice of 100 marks optional proves formative in deciding the merit of a CSS qualifier because most students are able to pass all optional courses- the race in optionals is to secure as high as possible in order to acquire the desired occupational group. Therefore, this choice must be based on two crucial factors: 1. Scoring potential based on Nature of questions 2. Extent of overlap with other subjects 3. Time & Effort required to prepare the subject Constitutional Law is a perfect subject in this regard as It is pretty decent scoring subject in CSS. Moreover, one can push the score as high as possible if one develops command over this subject, even up to 70-80 marks. In the competitive CSS examination, the merit position varies with a difference of every single mark, so choose wisely! Besides this, it has a significant syllabus overlap with other subjects (Political Science, Pakistan Affairs, Governance and Public Policy, English Essay) especially Political Science with almost 60-70% overlap. Hence, it saves a significant amount of time and effort, which is an extremely important variable when one is preparing for 12 subjects in just a few months. This lecture series will cover the core syllabus; provide a comprehensive conceptual understanding of all ideas; familiarize students with and equip them with skills to use jargon effectively. Alongside this, we shall cover the useful exam techniques, practice questions and CSS Tips and tricks. There will be video lectures on paper attempting strategies and past paper analysis as well. Looking forward to teaching you all! Best, Abrar Ahmed Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) 21st Position, Topper Political Science CSS-2017

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