Business Administration

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Hi I am Awaid Irshad Bhatti, CSS 2017 topper. I ll be teaching Business Administration Course which has been considered one of the highest scoring optional subjects in CSS. The structure of this subject is as follows: Business Administration Paper – 100 Marks Part 1 (Objective – 20 Marks) Part 2 (Subjective – 80 Marks)(Four questions to be attempted out of seven) A cursory look at the past papers would reveal to you that difficulty level of Business Administration in CSS is way below many other CSS Optional subjects; therefore, it provides healthy chances of scoring even 70+. Every paper has three to four questions which are easily attemptable. We have designed this course in a way that after you have completed this course, you will be able to solve not only the easy questions but also the difficult ones. The course is going to be very interactive. The entire syllabus that has been notified by FPSC has been covered in this Course and it is complete in every sense. The modules of this course shall include lectures on: Module One: Human Resource Management Module 2: Management Module 3: Marketing Module 4: Business Finance Module 5: Operations and Supply Chain Management Module 6: Past Papers and Syllabus Alongside these modules we shall try and cover the useful exam techniques, practice questions and CSS Tips and tricks. This course is catered to make you self sufficient for the CSS Business Administration exam, so hope candidates utilize this resource Students who are already enrolled in my Pakistan Affairs Course will be aware of the fact that there is a strict focus on conceptual clarity regarding various topics. We shall follow the same for Business Administration as it is a bit technical in many aspects. Besides this, there will be a lot of focus on past paper numerical problems, in particular, which students easily get intimidated by. Let me assure you one thing that you won't feel the need to consult any other source after attending my lectures and solving past papers questions. Best Wishes! Regards, Muhammad Awaid Irshad 1st Position (PAS - 2017)

Online Business Administration CSS preparation course covers the entire range of syllabus with past paper analysis, answer-attempting techniques along with high scoring tips.