Basic English

Writing is the form of expression. Your writing represent you in more way than you anticipate. In Pakistan, due to lack of uniform education system, everyone is not able to write correctly, thus pupils might mis represent themselves. Good writing skills is the core of everything today, and with everything converted to online portals, the need to write good has increased by many folds. We have observed that many students are unable to reach their maximum potential owning to their poor writing skills. They got great ideas but worst sentence structure. Their words are unable to inspire the reader. To cater all these issues we have created this course. This course is a beginner to advanced level course that take you on a journey to write well and express yourself in a way that removes all obstacles in your way. This course will slowly enable you to overcome all the problems in your writing skills. The course will allow you to learn and adopt grammatical patterns that are used in various writings forms (academic, official, reports, journal etc). The course will help you to avoid wordiness and represent your ideas and concepts with flawless ease. The students will be able to write clear and well developed paragraphs. Writing skills can never be enhanced without the knowledge of language and it's jargon. We will provide students with enough vocabulary that will amplify their word stock. They will develop reading expertise required to comprehend textbooks and literature in various fields of study. The course targets the specific grammar areas that if improved will lift up your writing skills instantly. The course is designed with tons of exercises that give you hand on practice. * PLEASE NOTE* The course is still under production and the videos will be uploaded/updated within 3 weeks. All updates will be shared in the whatsapp group of the respective group.

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