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Asad Ejaz Butt has qualified CSS exam thrice. He is an officer of the Office Management Group who holds two degrees in economics and international development studies from York university Canada. He has developed and taught a full CSS course suite including Economics, Governance and Public Policies. At Nearpeer, he has put together an exciting package for the lucrative Anthropology course which has continued to remain a consistent scorer in CSS. In 2021, Anthropology was undoubtedly the highest score yielder and amongst other things, what it did provide was a great balance to your subject combination. Anthropology is 100 mark CSS course that brings together great characteristics of diversity, predictability and consistency. Over the years, exams have been true exams with utmost predictability of revolving around cross-cutting areas like culture, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. Then there is diversity of having the right mix of theory and practice: learning about real-life communities and their beliefs, cultures and life patterns and then also having a tinge of anthropology theory to have some grounding for application. It is consistent because in 2021 it yielded arguably the highest scores amongst all optional subjects and it has yielded similar results in previous years. Many candidates have managed to score in the 80s. See you in class!

Anthropology CSS course will provide best preparation and guidance to get high scores in CSS.