Accounting and Auditing

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Hi I am Mubashir, I am a Chartered Accountant who joined the Civil Service in 2017 and topped the Accounting and Auditing Paper in that year. Almost every year since 2016, Accounting & Auditing has been one of the highest-scoring optional subjects in CSS. The structure of this subject is as follows: Accounting & Auditing Paper I – 100 Marks Objective – 20 Marks Financial Accounting – 40 Marks (Two questions to be attempted out of 3) Cost Accounting – 40 Marks (Two questions to be attempted out of 4) Accounting & Auditing Paper II – 100 Marks Objective – 20 Marks Auditing - 20 or 40 Marks (Total 3 questions, you can attempt 1 or 2) Taxation - 20 or 40 Marks (Total 2 questions, you can attempt 1 or 2) Finance - 20 or 40 Marks (Total 2questions, you can attempt 1 or 2) In paper 2, you can attempt two questions from any one part and will have two attempt one question each from the rest of part. A cursory look at the past papers would reveal to you that difficulty level of accounting in CSS is way below many other CSS subjects. Every paper has two to three questions which are easily attemptable. We have designed this course in a way that after you have completed this course, you will be able to solve not only the easy questions but also the difficult ones. The course is going to be very interactive. I will post questions for you to attempt and check your answers. A lot of past papers practice is part of the course. I have also prepared a past papers solution PDF file for the subscribers of this course, the first of its kind. Since this is a technical subject, it will require a lot of participation from your end. The entire syllabus that has been notified by FPSC has been covered in this Course and it is complete in every sense. Students who subscribe to this course won’t need to buy any reading material other than what would be provided with this course free of cost. In the end I would like to say that I have put in sincere and honest effort into preparation of this course and will give my best to make sure, your money and time is not wasted. Regards.

Accounting and Auditing CSS course includes video lectures with detailed discussion of the entire syllabus. This course shall focus on the exam-specific material and incorporates CSS tips and tricks.