Pakistan Affairs (Crash Course)

CSS Pakistan Affairs Crash Course has been curated to address the needs of CSS students. It imparts a logical understanding of the concepts. This understanding leads to smarter learning and hence, better writing outcome. Pakistan Affairs is a multi-dimensional subject that demands understanding of history, constitution, internal issues and global dynamics at one and the same time. This course cater the needs by establishing conceptual understanding of various phenomenons including evolution of constitution and trajectory of foreign policy in Pakistan. It also conducts an in-depth diagnostic analysis of souring issues in Pakistan coupled with solution frameworks based on data and practical wisdom. Building this course was a thrilling journey and we hope that the students also share the experience once they embark on this. Listen keenly and make notes smartly. Good Luck! Instructor: Abdullah Afzal PSP (27th Position CSS 2021)

Pakistan Affairs (Crash Course) by Sir Abdullah Afzal