Islamic Studies (Crash Course)

The CSS Islamic Studies Crash Course has been curated to address the needs of CSS students. It imparts a logical understanding of the concepts. This understanding leads to smarter learning and hence better writing outcome. Islamic Studies holds a unique position in CSS. It is one of the three exams that need to be qualified by scoring at least 40 marks. It has also been observed over years, students who qualify all other papers had lost their luck in Islamic Studies. Keeping in view the unique challenges Islamic Studies has posed to the students, and understanding that students are occupied with 11 other subjects, this course has been designed as a one-stop solution. It is not only concise but also comprehensive. A discussion on the syllabus as well as how smartly a person can crack the subject has been shared. The very word ‘targeted study’ has been catered to in the journey. Every topic is taught and structured to meet the needs of FPSC. Building this course was a thrilling journey; we hope the students also share the experience once they embark on this. Listen keenly and make notes smartly. Good Luck! Instructors: Abdullah Afzal PSP (27th Position CSS 2021)

Islamic Studies (Crash Course) by Sir Abdullah Afzal