International Law (Crash Course)

The instructor for this course, Mr. Muhammad Hassaan Ahsan, secured 23rd position in CSS 2016 and was allocated to Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS). This course provides an introduction to the principles and concepts of international law. It covers the legal framework governing the relations between states and other international actors, such as international organizations and individuals. The course begins with an overview of the sources of international law, including treaties, customary international law, and general principles of law. It then examines the legal status and responsibilities of states, including the principle of sovereignty, state responsibility, and the law of treaties. The course also covers the different branches of international law, such as international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international environmental law. Students will analyze the various treaties, conventions, and other legal instruments that shape these areas of international law. Throughout the course, students will explore how international law is enforced, including the role of international courts and tribunals, as well as the use of diplomatic and other forms of dispute resolution. They will also examine contemporary issues in international law, such as the use of force, the responsibility to protect, and the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

International Law Crash Course