General Science and Ability (Crash Course)

Salam All, I am Saif ul Islam Khattak - your instructor for the General Science and Ability Crash Course. I secured 4th position in the CSS Exam 2021, being allocated to the Pakistan Administrative Service as part of the 50th Common. This Crash Course has been designing keeping four specific points in mind that will help you ace the GSA paper. Firstly, it aims to provide quality content without wasting time on redundant detail. The GSA exam question parts are 5 marks each. Spending time studying topics in great detail can consume a lot of your time, prevent you from dedicating time to other subjects, and prove to be superfluous when it comes to writing brief answers in the paper. This course will help you save time while ensuring that you have adequate information to answer the questions that are given in the exam. Secondly, while this is a ‘crash’ course, it covers all the topics mentioned in the syllabus nonetheless. The strategy behind this approach is that the more topics you cover, the more likely you are to know the answers to the question that are asked in the exam. Thirdly, the course also contains all past paper questions sorted topic-wise with each lecture to help you with two things: give you an idea of the kind of questions asked in the exam and help you gauge your own preparation level. Lastly, further resources are provided in the description of each lecture. These short videos and brief articles will provide you with greater depth on the topics where required. I hope we’ll have a great time studying General Science and Ability together. Wishing you all the best with your preparation!

General Science and Ability Crash Course