English Precis and Composition (Crash Course)

The CSS English Precis and Composition Crash Course at Nearpeer has been designed after extensive research and analysis. It has been designed after careful and extensive analysis of: • Effective approach to deal with different questions of this paper • Past Papers and Examiners’ Reports; • Effective pedagogy; • Effective teaching through multimodal communication. It is designed in a way so as to cover the entire spectrum of learners – beginners, intermediate, and experts. 1. First, it incrementally acquaints the aspirants with writing effective Precis including: • What is the philosophy of the Precis-writing? • What are the essentials of a good Precis? • What are the dos and don’ts of Precis-writing? • What is the methodology to solve a Precis? • How to bring Conciseness in writing? 2. Second, it provides a complete understanding of Comprehension-writing: • How to decode the passage? • What are the identifiers of a good answer? • What methodology to follow in cracking this question? 3. Third, it recaps different grammatical components with examples for a quick revision, including: • Punctuation • Preposition • Sentence Correction • Narration • Change of Voice • Idioms • Pair of Words 4. Fourth, it helps the students to decode and solve the Translation passage with solved exercise