English Essay (Crash Course)

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The CSS English Essay Crash Course at Nearpeer has been designed after extensive research and analysis. It has been designed after careful and extensive analysis of: • Essay writing in general and CSS, in particular; • Past Papers and Examiners’ Reports; • Effective pedagogy; • Effective teaching through multimodal communication. It is designed in a way so as to cover the entire spectrum of learners – beginners, intermediate, and experts. 1. First, it incrementally acquaints the aspirants with the building blocks of the Essay, including: • What is the philosophy of the Essay Exam? • What is the general scheme of the Essay? • What are the different types of Essays in CSS? • How different Essays should be approached differently? • How to write the Thesis Statement? • How to generate ideas? • How to write different forms of introductions? • How to construct an argument in a paragraph in an Essay? All of these questions have been explained in detail with concrete examples on topics taken from Past Papers. 2. Second, a unique feature of this course is that complete essays (both argumentative and issue-based) have been attempted. Most often, aspirants take many English courses in the market but never ever get to see a full essay. This module covers multiple full Essays and numerous outlines. 3. Third, a special feature of this module is that it is designed in a way to progressively enhance the knowledge of the aspirants. Additional sources are provided at start, within and at the end of Essays/ Lectures on various issues to gradually enhance the intellectual faculties of the aspirants. 4. Fourth, small innovations have been incorporated in formulating lecture slides for the convenience of aspirants and to complement their learning curves. This includes, among other things, highlighting difficult words in each paragraph of the Essay so that while candidates learn about Essays, they get to enhance their vocabulary as well. Hence, this module makes the English Essay at Nearpeer an all-comprehensive one-stop lecture series to sail through the turbulent waters of CSS Essay Exam. So…What do we say to the examiner of the Essay when he thinks about failing you? “Not Today!”

English Essay Crash Course