Current Affairs (Crash Course)

Saif Khattak has been allocated to the Pakistan Administrative Service after standing 4th across Pakistan and 1st in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the CSS Competitive Exam 2021. He has accumulated a diverse set of experiences under his belt by working in the technology, business, and development sectors. His Crash Course on Current Affairs aims to build a foundation necessary for a candidate to perform well in the Current Affairs paper of the CSS exam. The lectures of the course have been modeled on Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) which include: Conceptual Understanding of Contemporary Issues, Research and Analysis Skills, Critical and Creative Thinking, Opinion Formation, and Writing Expression. These CLOs have been particularly chosen based on recent paper setting trends, examiner reports, and job requirements of the civil service. This course not only bases its lectures on the syllabus provided by the Federal Public Service Commission but also encourages students to move beyond its content by highlighting topics of interest, suggesting further consultation sources, and providing brainstorming exercises. Collectively, with its in-lecture content and learning-beyond-the-course model, this Current Affairs Crash Course aptly prepares its subscribers for the Current Affairs paper in particular and the CSS exam in general.

CSS Current Affairs (Crash Course)