AS Level Chemistry (9701)

This AS Chemistry course covers predominantly Organic Chemistry part of the 9701 CIE syllabus. Students find Organic Chemistry to be most challenging among all topics from examination point of view. Because of breadth and depth of the syllabus, often times organic chemistry does not receive enough amount of coaching that it requires at school. Students need to rely on hectic & expensive process of taking academies while exams are ahead. To make students learn organic chemistry in most easiest manner, Sara Ismet has offered this course on The course also covers MCQs and Theory questions from past papers. Students will also be able to ask questions from the instructor and engage in discussions with other peers. Our aim is to enable students to study in most convenient manner and prepare themselves for most challenging problems in exams and real life. More questions will be added every day. More chapters will be added for the next session.

AS Chemistry is an online course for students from Pakistan which covers Organic Chemistry part of 9701 CIE syllabus. It has video solutions to many past paper and provides practice material too.