Are you yawning? Yeah, we can understand. Studying at the O/A level can OFTEN be really tiresome and boring. The moment we open our books, we fall under a sleeping spell and all we want to do is just put our books aside and sleep as if there’s nothing else to do. All this happens because of a lot of distractions, an unstable mind, a lack of love for education, mismanagement of time, and more. But the problem is… EXAMS SAR PE AA GAYE HEIN!!! So we think it is now time to learn how to focus on your CIE studies. 

Of course, this year has proven itself to be the most disastrous one in terms of education due to the closure of educational institutions. This has majorly affected the lives of many students in multiple ways. Students have lost their motivation to study, gained more interest in the internet, and got their overall routines disturbed. To regain everything, learn from the following tips to help focus on studying.

Perform a Ritual, A Study Ritual

This tip alone can literally alter the way you feel about studying. No, it’s not THAT kind of a ritual - its only purpose is to pick or create an environment suitable for your studies. The bed is the worst place you can study because you will… *yawns*... 

Part - I

So, you probably know what kind of place works the best for you. It may be the library, your room, your lounge, or your friend’s house - it all depends on your preference. However, the following are a few of our recommendations that will help you to focus more on your CIE studies:

2nd, it’s important to pick a place where you have easy access to the power outlet and when we say “easy”, we really mean it. Maybe just get an extension power cable to make things easier. You can set up your workstation anywhere and still get a power outlet using an extension cable.

3rd, please make sure you have a large and flat surface to work on so you could keep a bunch of stuff like your laptop, textbooks, notebooks, pens, yeh, woh, everything. 

Each of these 3 tips will help you not to get up from your seat for anything (since you’ll have anything in your reach) and keep you concentrated more on your studies.

Part - II

The first part of how to increase focus on CIE studies is now over. Let’s head to the smaller one which is to REMAIN focused on studying at all costs. For that, you’ll have to do things like:

You can’t study without sipping water every now and then to keep you hydrated, can you?

This can actually help you with unnecessary noises (distractions) like children playing outside, dishes from the kitchen, people talking outside of your room, etc. 

For this, just choose a place that the other people are least likely to visit. Your personal room can be your best choice. 

Do not keep your door open because of two reasons: one, anyone can walk in when they see an open door. Two, there will be a lot of noise. 

Stay Away From Unwanted Websites and Apps

Nearpeer promotes using technology such as mobile phones, the internet, laptops, etc. for self-learning but of course, there are limitations. It all depends on how one uses technology. The most important thing to do here is to either gain self-control and stay away from websites and applications that you most often go over or use a website blocker and blacklist the distracting websites. Such distractions can literally steal hours from your precious time. 

Use Interesting Sources to Go Through Your Syllabus

As we said earlier, studying can be boring at times - but not when the teacher or the source of education is interesting. It’s almost always the way textbooks and notes look to us - they’re really not in favor of teaching us something. If it’s a textbook, it doesn’t have to contain text only. (pun intended)

Since you have O/A Level exams that you’re doing the preparation for, all you need is a good teaching partner; Nearpeer! We, at Nearpeer, offer you a huge catalog of the O and A Level online courses! This is so you could learn what you want, when you want, how you want, how much you want, and how fast you want. From interactive lectures with qualified yet jolly teachers to regular quizzes and assessments, Nearpeer’s O/A Level course can keep your focus on studies intact and take your grades to A*s for sure. 

The Bottom Line

Studying isn’t actually boring - it is MADE boring which is definitely not how a student can learn. The above little guide of how to be focused on CIE studies is put together in an extremely brief form so you, without wasting your time, could learn how to stay focused on your studies. For more tips and tricks regarding learning fast and getting super high marks in your final examination, you can always consult our counselors at 0311-1444734.