Remember this angry guy?

This is Momin Saqib, a super-viral internet and media celebrity who got himself from Lahore Grammar School in Johar Town, Lahore to the prestigious King’s College London, England to get a B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Management and was elected as a president of King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU). 

Just like Momin did, we will change your “waqt”, “jazbaat”, and “zindagi” this National Scholarship Month (November) through our complete collaboration course with Eye on Ivy on profile building and scholarships for big and well-known universities.

What is Eye on Ivy?

Are you familiar with the Ivy League? It’s basically a group of socially and academically prestigious universities in the US. Eye on Ivy is a Pakistan-based organization that literally has an “eye” on Ivy (the Ivy League) and more just for you! 

We know lots of O/A Level and Matric/Intermediate students like you and parents with a dream of getting admission in foreign colleges and universities and hence, Nearpeer joins hands with Eye on Ivy to fulfill it. Literally, just another Halloween treat for you!

You probably aren’t aware of the “andar ki baatein” that can help you get a scholarship to secure your admission to your dream foreign college or university. Nearpeer, in collaboration with Eye on Ivy, will tell you everything you need to prepare for your further studies with an awesome life that you will never forget. 

Save Money From Academics - Spend it on Fun!

People say it’s very expensive to study abroad - well, they’re right, but that’s not the case when you’re on full scholarship. Do you know what that means? You get to save a lot of money from your academics being a part of a foreign college or university. Hence, you’re more likely to enjoy some fun free-time activities like going to the beach, attending a national event, visiting places, going to the mall or a park, etc.

Why Wait for a Miracle? Let’s Take You to Your Dream University!

The great inspiration from Harvard University and the founder of Eye on Ivy, Shanza Khan, who has counseled a huge range of students are looking forward to showing YOU the way to YOUR dream university.

Enroll in this free course now for complete details and you’ll find yourself packing for your foreign studies in a while!