The O Level exams have been finished and the result date has been announced - what’s more? On the 18th of January, the final result of O Level exams will be out and you must be very anxious about it, aren’t ya? Chillax, my friend!

The anxiety is real and I won’t blame you for that. No one is completely chilled out when the result date is just around the corner but hey, this is what it is! 

Okay umm - lemme see what you did in the exams… 

I can see lots and lots of fortune and I believe that on 18 January, you and your parents will be proud of your performance in O Level this year! Tell me something, from where did you prepare for your O Level exams? I bet it’s Nearpeer because it’s the only ed-tech platform in Pakistan that offers a 100% success rate in various qualifications such as O/A Levels and IELTS. With online video lectures and quizzes along with 24/7 teacher support, all O Level students can ace their exams like a boss, just like you did!

Only 8 days are left until your Cambridge O Level result date. What to do till then? 

Here Are a Few Ways to Chill Out Until Your O Level 2021 Result Day

  1. Have a Laughter With Your Friends

If you’re a social person, then this is something you would love to try. Living in a corner of your room will give you nothing but nightmares about your upcoming result. So pick up your phone, call your friends, set up a little gathering in the street or maybe at a private place, and just enjoy the company! I’m sure you guys have gazillions of activities to perform like playing music, telling jokes, watching a movie, etc.

  1. Don’t Wanna Go Out? Try This!

Have a laptop or desktop at home? Get a cool video game and start playing it. Set up a goal that you will finish 2 games until 18 January and you will love your amazing time at home! Need some suggestions? If I were you, I would play Resident Evil 7 and 8 back to back and I’m telling you, you’ll be lost in the story so much that you won’t even face any negative energy until your result day!

  1. Do Silly Things With Your Siblings

Yep, you heard it right! Spend time with your siblings or cousins and it will be memorable for sure! By spending some time with them, I mean “some quality time” that involves some cool activities. Watch Netflix, play physical games, dance, go outside for a walk, listen to some cool music together, blah blah blah! There’s a lot to try, right? It’s a great way to relax your mind a bit.

Stressing out will get you nowhere but getting somewhere will stop your stress! Make sure you do something and not just sit idle with an empty mind because that’s only going to induce negative thoughts and ultimately make you anxious about your O Level result in Pakistan. 

1. Even if you don’t make it through or get below-average grades, there’s no need to be sad, because:

You can do anything - if you want to improve your grades and pursue your dream, Nearpeer is always there for you. Best of luck with your O Level result 2021!

Chill out, my peers - cheers!