Many of the O/A Level students that we see every day are studying only because they are advised to, by their parents and society, which IS actually a very good thing. But the problem that the students face is that they don’t know their academic future. They’re not sure of what to study after a certain level, where to secure admission, the institutions, and a lot more. This is when Nearpeer partners with Eye on Ivy and resolves this inconvenience by 100%!

Ammar Ali Ayub (Co-Founder, Nearpeer) and Shanza Khan (Founder, Eye on Ivy)

You’re probably wondering what Eye on Ivy is - it’s one of the organizations that we find extremely prestigious in terms of their intentions for the welfare of students around the globe. There has to be someone the students could consult to and plan their future in academics and Eye on Ivy is that one inspiring name in student counseling services. 

Student counseling is only a part of Nearpeer but Eye on Ivy focuses completely on this and helps students gain admissions in their desired colleges and universities. The purpose of joining hands with Eye on Ivy was to become a complete package for O/A Level students so that they can find everything from academic or general test preparation courses along with Eye on Ivy’s consulting services. Partnering with them will help students fulfill their dreams and make their parents proud.

Ammar Ali Ayub (Co-Founder, Nearpeer) and Shanza Khan (Founder, Eye on Ivy)

If you’re an O/A Level student or an acquaintance of yours is, then this partnership can be a lucky charm for you/them. You can find Eye on Ivy’s free course on Nearpeer’s website. The course will cover the following steps in detail:

This one-hour course can be a life-changer for you!