If you are an O/A level student in Pakistan, you must be thinking about when the exams will take place. Over the past few months, the dates for the exams have kept changing capriciously, confusing the students and adding to their anticipation.


Aakhir kab hongay exams? 

At some point, all of us have questioned this. However, the anticipation ends now as the Federal Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, took to Twitter a few days ago and said that the government has allowed the British Council to hold special O-Level exams from July 26 to August 6' 2021. He said that this will facilitate O-Level students to start A-Level or FA/FSc from September. 


(Source: CAIEs Announcement )

But the tension does not end here… 

Let’s be honest, the next few weeks will be spent hoping that somehow the decision changes and exams are cancelled. But in case that does not happen (read: will not happen), you will have to study and prepare for the exams, that too within a very short time. Sounds scary, innit? 

Lekin, Apnay Ghabrana Nahi Hai!

Worry no more! After Shah Rukh Khan’s famous “6 din larki in” formula in Kal Ho Na Ho, we present to you some tips that can guarantee you A* in your CAIEs. And the icing on the cake, Nearpeer is providing free access to CAIEs Preparation Courses. Isn't it amazing? 

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Apart from that, by following the below steps, you can prepare well in this short time and ace your CAIEs. 

-3Rs - Review, Revise, Reinforce

Don’t be hesitant to go back, this is not your toxic relationship ;) 

You should revise till the day of your exam. Review the concepts until they are clear and reinforced. You can utilize your books, notes and lectures for this purpose as they contain important information and points. 

As aforementioned, books and notes are available on Nearpeer. What’s more, is that recorded video lectures of all chapters and units are also available at your disposal. You can go through them and clear your concepts. All the material is accessible till your exam day and it is extremely helpful if your exams are approaching soon. 


-Ask Questions (24/7)

If you are confused or have any questions, you can ask your classmates for help or are they,  in Gen Z’s terms, “snakes” that won’t help you? In that case, you may approach your instructor for help but that can be daunting. Ab kya karein?  Well, worry not! 

Neerpear provides you with a 24/7 access to the Community of learned individuals where you can ask any queries that you might have. In these classrooms, you can interact with your peers as well and hence, learn together. According to a study, peer learning proves to be an effective way of learning as it makes students engage actively in the classroom. (Source: Learning with Each Other). 

There are also regular live sessions with instructors where you can put forward your questions and they will answer you. They will help and guide you throughout your CAIEs.


-Test Yourself  

Quiz and test yourself to keep track of your preparation. You do not have to waste time crafting quizzes and then solving them as topic-wise quizzes are available on Nearpeer. By solving these, you will be able to boost your preparation, see where you are going wrong and mark areas you need to improve in. The option for half-book and full-book quizzes is also available if you want to test yourself more holistically.  


-Past Papers Analysis

We have all heard “let the past stay the past”. Turns out, that is not the case for past papers. You can absolutely NOT let them stay in the past. They are your best friends when you prepare for your final exams. Despite the fact that solving past papers probably will not give you the specific questions that will show up on your exam, it will give you an idea of how you will be tested and let you know about the marking scheme

For that matter, Nearpeer lets you access solved past paper videos. You can not only see where you are making mistakes, but you can also see the correct solutions and learn better. Is se behtar deal kahan milay gi? 


 -Go Through Your Notes

Instead of wasting time and rigorously studying every chapter, go through the lecture notes so that you understand the main ideas and concepts. If you were too occupied scrolling down your Instagram feed during zoom lectures, or if you simply slept through them and did not make notes do not fret! Nearpeer has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can access not only PDF books but also PDF notes for your course online. 

So, enroll now and get access to all the PDF Notes


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, go through all the relevant course material, past papers, notes and recordings. Instead of looking for all the material separately, save your time and go to Nearpeer Online preparation courses for O/A Levels and ensure that you get all A* in your CAIEs.

Shafqat uncle nay is dafa exams cancel nahi karne so start preparing!

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