On Tuesday (12 October 2021), the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services (NHS) raised its voice against the Punjab Medical Commission’s report on the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) this year. The senator, Miss Rubina Khalid, can be seen in a bit of rage while speaking in favor of the students who got failed because of the irresponsible behavior of PMC.

The misconduct in the MDCAT was extremely irresponsible of the committee and despite the strikes held by students and various organizations like Nearpeer raising their voices, the committee didn’t take any responsibility. Many students have failed their MDCAT because of this misconduct and got struck by this ridiculous news. 

This is what senator Rubina Khalid can be heard frustratedly asking, “Who was responsible during this whole process?” The PMC representative replies, “There were mistakes in the pool of questions that appeared in MDCAT that we have got corrected.” She angrily asks, “Why were there any mistakes at all? There has to be a reason!”

How can someone easily call it a “mistake” when it had ruined the years and expectations of so many students and their parents? This is absurd and this is when she calls this year’s MDCAT a “Blunder.”

The senator, Miss Rubina Khalid, also added that millions of rupees were taken from the candidates; all this robbery and no one is taking the action on this? It is the right of the students to review their exams and such computer-generated mistakes are not fair to the students at all. If this year’s MDCAT didn’t go well because of the bad PMC systems, what’s the guarantee that there will be fair marking in the upcoming MDCAT? 

As many as 200,000 students appeared in MDCAT 2021 which was conducted by PMC through TEPS which is an online test system that offers Computer-Based Testing (CBT) for all PMC exams including MDCAT, NEB, and NLE.

Upon learning about TEPS, Miss Rubina Khalid was outraged and seek the answer to why MDCAT was outsourced to TEPS this year which is but a faulty system of examination. 

At last, the recommendation of the senator was to conduct MDCAT once again and this time, without all kinds of flaws. She even said, “You guys have made everything a joke. It’s not a joke to ruin someone’s career and expectations, that too of thousands of students.”

Let’s hope that this strict recommendation from the Senate Standing Committee on Health makes a difference and MDCAT is reconducted so the many ruined careers are revived once again. 

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