"Which Books to Use for MDCAT 2023?" 

This is the most popular question of MDCAT students, finally, the answer to this question is given below. 

MDCAT 2023 will be conducted by the provincial bodies from the books of respective provinces, so every aspirant must focus on the books of their board. 

For Example

If a student is from Sindh, he must use the books of the Sindh Text Book Board for preparation for the MDCAT. Facts and figures stated in the book of his board will be considered correct in the MDCAT exam. 

You can use the following links to download textbooks from all provinces for FREE. 

For the students of Sindh.

For the students of Punjab

For the students of Islamabad/International

For the students of KPK

For the students of Baluchistan

Free MDCAT Books of Nearpeer

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Finally, the matter of which books to use is now solved. However, you need clarity on one last question. 

Do we need to prepare complete syllabus for MDCAT now? 

Here's the answer to this important question. 

You must prepare for MDCAT in accordance with the syllabus of PMC 2022, all examinable topics mentioned in the syllabus must be prepared, however, you must prepare these topics within the limits of the books of your board. In short, there's no need to cover complete books for MDCAT this year.

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