Are you going to take MDCAT exam? Want to do its preparation from the best instructors so you can secure your seat in the top Medical College? 

For a very long time students have been going to the academies for their MDCAT preparation and over time, a lot of small private academies have opened up and one cannot say for sure which academy will be worth going to and from where you can learn and ace your MDCAT, right

Well, we know when it comes to deciding where to do your MDCAT preparation from, a lot of questions pop up,

-Which academy to choose? 

-Which academy is affordable and has experienced instructors? 

-Which academy' s students have secured admission in top medical colleges? 

Note: If you take the right decision now, it will benefit you your whole life. And if not, then you know better what might happen. 


Let's see what MDCAT Toppers have to say on that and where did they study from that helped them land into King Edward and other Top Medical Colleges. 

So, without further ado let's begin. 


Considering the questions above, this is what MDCAT Toppers have to say about choosing Nearpeer over other physical academies. Given are the reasons for why online education at Nearpeer should be preferred over attending physical academies. 

Note: Our bright students are the proof of it. 

Physical AcademyNearpeer's Online Course
You’re never sure about instructors’ quality.You always get the best quality experienced instructors who themselves have been teaching in academies for last 10 years. 
Only one demo lecture on 1st day to make the decision? Is that enough?Multiple demo video lectures of each instructor in each course. (Watch all the Free Demo Lectures)
Classes available at only a specific time.Lectures available all the time. Watch whenever you want.
Couldn’t understand the concept? Or missed the lecture? Bad news; Instructor won’t repeat for you.Repeat, pause, and forward each lecture as many times as you want. Repeat until you understand all the concepts. (Watch Free Demo Lectures)
In a class of 50, the instructor can’t answer your every question. If you have any question, you have to wait for the next day.Our instructors are available for you 24/7. Ask question even at 1 am in the night and you’ll get answers.
You may feel shy asking a question in class.Don’t worry at all! No one is going to judge you here. Put your any sort of question in the classroom group and get answers from instructors.
Travel to an academy in extreme summer and exhaust yourself such that no energy left for self-study.No travel required at all. Study in the comfort of your home. All the courses are accessible on your laptop or smartphone. Now give more time to self-study. 
You get only few practice questions and FLPs discussions.You get over 5000 MCQs along with solutions for never ending the practice. Questions after each topic and sub-topic. Hundreds of questions and FLPs covered in video lectures too. (Solve a sample Bio Quiz)
Instructors do not know you, your strengths, and your weaknesses! Then how can they advise you?Based on your quiz performances, we can tell what topics you’re weak in, what are you strong at. We can tell you how good or bad are you in managing time per question. So now, you can focus on your weak areas and ensure success in MDCAT.
Attend only for 2 months. Starting and Ending at a specific time. Start studying today and have access to our lectures and teachers till your MDCAT Test day.
Price: Starts at 25,000 and goes up to 40,000 for 2-3 months (Excluding travel, lodging, and book expenses)Price: Rs. 15,000/- (Including everything) and get access until your MDCAT Exam day. 

After reading this comparison, if you still want to attend an academy, you should! 


Because it is important that you feel satisfied. The fact that your friends are going to academies and you are not might put you in fear. We believe you shouldn't face any such fear at such crucial stage of life and all your focus must be on the studies whether it's in academy or on Nearpeer. But while you're attending an academy, and you feel you're not in control of yourself and your learning, know that Nearpeer is always here to help you! 

While you might also be thinking that "hr koi bari bari bataain krta hai" and you are right at your place but one thing that will help you build up your trust on Nearpeer, is the number of our successful students, who made into Top Medical Colleges.  

Our bright students such as Qasim Iftikhar (King Edward), Muneeb Khawar (King Edward) and many others put their faith in us and made us proud by securing seat in the Top Medical Colleges. 


Final thoughts

Whether you choose any physical academy or Nearpeer, just do yourself a favor and compare the academy you are planning to choose and Nearpeer, for once. 

After weighing pros and cons of both the institutions decide what you want. Cause obviously the decision is yours!

In addition to that, don't go to any academy, just because your parents are saying you to. If they are insisting, logically tell them the advantages and disadvantages and we are pretty sure they will understand. If not, still worry not.

You can get them in touch with our experienced counsellors and rest leave everything on us. Apart from that, if you are convinced enough or still want to get more information you can Talk to our counsellor now.

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