The University of Health Sciences issued a notification a few days back regarding the registration procedure for the test and also announced that MDCAT will be held in the month of July. After some time, it issued another notification regarding the syllabus of MDCAT which has given rise to a lot of speculations regarding this year's syllabus of the test. Here's the notification:

Along with the notification, UHS also has removed MDCAT 2018 syllabus from their website. It has been assumed that removing last year's syllabus from the website and issuing this notification might mean that the UHS will not upload any official syllabus for the test like every year and the syllabus will include complete textbooks of FSc/Equivalent instead. There is a chance this might happen but the chance is very little. Here’s why:

  1. 1. If the UHS wanted to bring any change of this sort, it would have mentioned it along with the announcement of MDCAT being held earlier than the last year, which was made by the vice chancellor of UHS himself.  
  2. 2. UHS doesn't want to play with students' emotions and it has nothing to gain out of confusions prevailing among students. Whatever notification UHS announces on its website, UHS carefully selects the wording of it. If UHS had to say "study full FSc book and do not follow any syllabus", it would have said it in clear words in this notification. So maybe all students are just creating a hype out of nothing. What Nearpeer understands out of this notification is that there will be a syllabus and you need to follow it and in order to follow it, you will need to consult that FSc books like last years. There is no confusion in this statement. 
  3. 3. Removing last year’s syllabus from the website could simply mean they’re going to upload this year’s syllabus within a few days. It is very much expected that the syllabus will be uploaded by the first week of May or right after board exam. 
  4. 4. It has been mentioned by the UHS in every years’ syllabus that the test should be prepared from FSc textbooks. No other guidebooks. No other source of information. Just the textbooks. This notification might just be a repetition of their stance on MDCAT preparation as always.
  5. 5. There are chances that UHS will bring some changes in the syllabus this year. Some new topics might be added or some old topics might be removed. Either way, the syllabus will be uploaded on the website shortly.

So, there is no need to stress about the new notification. This is most probably being issued to reiterate the importance of FSc textbooks regarding MDCAT preparation. The syllabus will be announced shortly and the topics mentioned in the syllabus should be studied from textbooks ONLY. What you need to do, however, is to focus on your preparation for board exams which do actually include complete FSc textbooks. Good luck! 

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