The latest news circulating around Medical entry test (MDCAT) these days is that whether MDCAT- 2019 test will be conducted right after FSc Exams or later. Nearpeer has received numerous queries from students asking validity of such news since this news aired on various TV channels in Pakistan.

Students currently in FSc/A’Levels are panicked that how will they balance preparation of both, FSc and MDCAT. Some are concerned that if the exam is taken that soon, all gap year students will be at advantage. The gap year students are panicked too because they have planned their preparation keeping in mind the exams will be after September. Panic is justified – after all, it is about their life-long dream of becoming a doctor. 

You might be panicked about similar news but do not worry. We have all the answers for you. 

First things first, the news did come on the media. There is a chance that UHS announces the date of the MDCAT exam soon after FSc exams. Whether that will be done or not, that is a separate issue to discuss. But we have gathered no such information from UHS officials directly. There is no comment from them as yet.
Let’s shed some light on recent history. This is not the first time students are looking at such news. Every year there is some announcement which puts students into a panic. For example, last year there was news that MDCAT Exam shall be eliminated completely and students will be inducted based on FSc & Matric marks only. There was news all over media but we know no such thing happened. In 2017 even, there was a piece of news the exams shall be taken soon after FSc; however, no such thing happened. 

So you may ask why such news every year on media and later nothing of such sort comes true. The simple answer is that not everything that you see on news channels means it is authentic. Sometimes such news is generated to benefit a few businesses that earn on fear of students. 

Now in light of such history and scenario, how should our students act or react to such news? What will happen this time around? Will the exam be soon after FSc exams or not?

The answer is Yes, and No! Let us explain why. We tell our students that it does not matter whether UHS takes any such step or not. Why? See, the important thing is that there must be a level playing field for every student aspiring to become a doctor. Whether exam is conducted earlier or later, does not matter – it is going to be the same for everyone. Every student will get equal time and opportunity to prepare. So now when you feel you wouldn’t have much time to study, know that 70,000 other students are going to be in the exact same situation. So it’s better to think about how will you optimize your studies such that you get best out of given time. 

If you are concerned about gap year students that they will get advantage of such thing, let us tell you that this concern is wrong. If that was the case, why every year all medical college seats are not taken by gap-year students only? Why more than 90% of the seats are taken by fresh MDCAT Students? Taking gap-year does not mean all students will perform best in their MDCAT especially when they make mistakes in gap-year. 

Finally, we cannot say that UHS won’t take such step. Because a lot other kinds of exams are conducted soon after FSc. Think of NET (NUST Entry Test), SAT, ECAT, ETEA (KPK medical entry test) – all these tests are conducted soon after FSc exams are over. MDCAT is the only test in Pakistan that is delayed that adds to the pressure of students. Yes, more days does not mean more time to prepare. It’ll be actually beneficial for you if you are done with MDCAT exams soon so that you don’t have to wait that long to chose a career. You can also avoid taking a gap year as you will give other admission tests too in case, God Forbid, you don’t make up to the merit list of medical colleges. The best part is that the academy culture will be eliminated and you will be able to save your time, energy, and money. 

So in a nutshell, it does not matter when is exam conducted. Whenever it is conducted, make sure you’re prepared for it. If it is true that MDCAT will be soon after FSc, then you know you won’t have time to join any academy whatsoever. But you don’t have to worry since you can start your preparation now using Nearpeer’s online MDCAT Course. Nearpeer has designed an awesome online MDCAT Course for you which you must explore. The course will make sure you prepare well and you do not need to go to an academy and waste time, money, and energy and get no results. Nearpeer Online MDCAT course gives you access to video lectures (demo lectures here) of each and every topic in detail. You will also have the facility of talking to teachers 24/7 – something you cannot do in academies. Moreover, you will have thousands of MCQs to practice from so that you do not have any weakness left for MDCAT day. You will have notes, books, and much more. A beautiful part of this online course is that you can even study along with your FSc because you don’t have to take extra time out for academies. To understand whether you should choose between the academy and Online MDCAT on Nearpeer, read this article. You must enroll at your earliest if you feel there is a slight risk of MDCAT being conducted soon after FSc. 

We wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exams. We’ll update you again when we have news gathered from official sources.