As the UHS MDCAT 2020 exam is fast approaching, students’ anxiety and nervousness are peaking.

Well, this month is all that is left to push yourself. But is one month enough for MDCAT preparation is the real question? Isn’t it?

So, get optimistic because the answer is yes! Let us delve into it and give you a detailed plan to complete your MDCAT preparation in one month.

1) MDCAT Study Schedule

Now as your MDCAT is only a month away; you need to prioritize your schedule accordingly. Complete at least 2-3 topics within a day.

Figure out your weak areas and study them for one to two hours unless the topic is crystal clear; studying nonstop will only burn you out and will not do any good. 

Moreover, you would not want that right now. Will you?

Make a separate schedule and stick to it, do not study nonstop. Furthermore, especially keep your focus on FSC books only. 

Here is how you can make a detailed 1 monthly MDCAT study plan 

2) Time Allocation 

Now that you have developed a comprehensive schedule, it would be best if you focus on beating the clock now. Make sure you are giving appropriate time to each topic and mainly focusing on the areas that give you a hard time. 

Brush up those topics from where there are greater chances of increasing the score. Because it is just useless to devote your time and energy on the topics from which you can easily get a minuscule amount of extra points. 


3) Practice MDCAT Past Papers

Solving MDCAT past papers should be the third priority on your list. 

Attempt as many past papers as you possibly can, within a required UHS time duration. Here is the best resource for you to attempt practice papers while managing your time effectively and subsequently get the opportunity to evaluate yourself. 

It would not only be a good reality check but would also give you an insight as to how to manage your time and handle uninvited stress.

Post-paper attempting, evaluate yourself and focus on the areas from each subject that gave you a tough time and fill the loopholes. 

4) Review Your Practiced Past Papers

Reviewing your performance and getting a self-feedback is as important as the chicken and egg question. One of the factors that lead to a low score is that students do not review their results after they solve practice papers.

Assessing your results thoroughly, giving extra attention to the wrongly attempted questions, and learning from your mistakes tenfold increases the possibility of scoring high in the MDCAT exam. 


Making a schedule is easy, but following it is difficult. 

However, if you stay committed to yourself and follow the plan, spending the right amount of time in the right direction and doing a thorough analysis of your shortcomings will definitely up your MDCAT game in just one month. 

What tips are you following to complete MDCAT preparation in one month?  

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