There is a lot of speculation going around about the MDCAT 2021 being Online. PMC is seeking request proposals to conduct MDCAT 2021 online. And due to rising COVID-19 cases, there are high chances of that happening. However, no decision has been taken yet and Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has not made any official announcement either. 


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Faisla jo bhi hou, you should keep yourself prepared for the worst. 

Considering the high chances of MDCAT being online, it is the need of the hour that you mentally and physically start gearing up for it. In short, you should know how to prepare for MDCAT Online. Here we will tell you some ways through which you can do your MDCAT preparation while ensuring you are training yourself for the online exam. 

1. Study Smart Not Hard

Most of the students take the hard route instead of targeting specific goals and working on them. For that matter, focus on the topics you find difficult to understand instead of finishing the syllabus twice and thrice. This means, clear the concepts of the topics you are weak at and leave the ones you are good at, for later revision. 

It is important to identify your topic-wise strengths and weaknesses and work on your concepts accordingly. How good it would be if you get the chance to practice online test and analyze your strengthens and weaknesses. Well, Nearpeer provides you with the opportunity so you can adapt and know where you need to improve. 

Therefore, attempt a free quiz, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and thank us later!


2. Managing Time and Stress

Entry tests are designed to test the abilities of a student to handle stress in nerve-wracking situations. They are not made to test your knowledge of FSc exams, however, they want to see how effectively a student perform when given a challenging scenario.

Hence, while preparing MDCAT 2021, keep a timer and make a scene as if you are sitting in an actual exam hall. Identify your stressors and learn to control them so that they don't restrain your performance during the actual exam. If you are struggling with managing the time, take Nearpeer MDCAT quizzes and practice your timing thing. 

And let me clear you, if the test is going to be held online, then timing issues can really get you. So, learn the art of managing time and stress while ensuring excellent performance in taking an online test. 

In addition to that, to get counselling on stress management, you can book a session with our counselor. Talk to Counsellor


3. Not tech-savvy? No problem!

Most of you might not be tech-savvy and would be worried about giving online test. Well, it is understandable and fine to feel that way. But you should take steps to overcome it. 

This is the best time to prepare and learn how to deal with the online exam. While doing your preparation and practicing quizzes, it is suggested that you take an online mock exam with a timer. Doing so will help you in getting hands-on experience and you'd get used to the online test-taking system and hence, you won't feel nervous on the test day. 


4. Practice Past Papers

Practicing past paper is essential to ace any exam because it gives you the perspective as to what kind of questions to expect on the exam day. Therefore, practice as much as you can and solve past papers as if you are solving a real exam.

Note: If you have done all your preparation but haven't practiced past papers then don't expect the desired results. Yes sorry, not sorry!

However, I am pretty sure you wouldn't want that for yourself hence, practice as much as you can until you get perfect at it. And according to rumors, as MDCAT might be conducted online, therefore, make sure you are practicing the papers online. So that you get a decent hand on experience in handling the online exam


5. Stay "Pur Umeed"

Thinking positive is one of the aspects of acing your MDCAT exam. Students who get nervous and think low of their abilities, eventually end up ruining their exam. Therefore, staying positive and believing in yourself maintains your energy for the exam day and hence, helps you perform well.

Once, you have prepared fully for the test then there is no reason left to be worried. And you can proudly say that All is Well!

Final Thoughts

First things first, get done with your MDCAT registration. To register yourself visit PMC. After doing that, analyze the time you have on your hands and develop preparation strategies accordingly.

Most importantly, do not forget to practice past papers as much as you can and that too with a timer so that you don't have to face time issues in the exam. Along with that, make strategic and realistic schedule and work on the topics you are weak at and leave the easier ones for just the revision purposes.

Last but not least, if you want to get in-person guidance regarding your preparation, you can talk to our counsellor and get all the guidance before exams.

Talk to Counsellor!

Do you think MDCAT 2021 will be held online? What do you wish? 

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