Repeating MDCAT? Taking Gap Year? Here are few tips for you

Are you taking gap year? Gap years are crazy. Probably, it’s your life’s first gap year since you spent 1st few years at home as a toddler. So it’s important to know how to spend it wisely and don’t mess it up and then have regrets when you fail to clear MDCAT again this year.​

Do not forget the reason why you’re taking this gap year in the first place. You’re taking it for only one reason: beat the crap out of MDCAT and get to that top medical college this year in any circumstances. So now we’re clear that we’re not taking gap year to sleep all day and wake up all night to waste time on our favorite social media platforms! Besides, no body cares about your tweets and statuses and meme tags anymore! Your friends will forget you as they start to move on in life and you remain stuck with gap year. Sorry, but harsh reality!​

1. There are a lot of tried and tested tips that Nearpeer team has for you that you can use to make your gap year productive. 

However, the first and foremost thing: do not make your preparation journey alone. You need to join a MDCAT program that not only teaches you MDCAT but also motivates you each day to give your best. Nearpeer Online MDCAT program is exactly what you need to streamline your studies and get best coaching available.

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2. Without any further delay, start your preparation Right NOW. 

In this way, You'll have an edge over other students who'll be starting their MDCAT preparation in June.

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3. Avoid distractions. 

If you get distracted often by your siblings or your Ammi's saying "Beta dahy aur sabzi le aana" or "Beti ja k papa k liye chae bana dena", perhaps its the time you need to take care of things. It's okay to do house chores but not okay to get distracted while you've head in study. Tell your parents and siblings upright that you need to study at this particular hour and need no distraction. If possible, go on the roof top in the morning/afternoon time to study; you'll also get some vitamin D too meanwhile.

4. Also, do not 'overburden' yourself! Make a Schedule. Take Breaks!

Follow a proper schedule; for example, 9 am to 10 pm or 7am to 8pm with small multiple breaks in between. Breaks are important! Give yourself treat whenever you hit a milestone you’ve set for yourself.

5. Do at least two chapters per day of any subject, along with MCQs practice. 

There are 1000s of MCQs on that you can practice from. Do try them out!

6. Try to make as many as mnemonics! 

This will help you retain stuff for longer time. MDCAT Instructors on expose you to a lot of mnemonics to help you remember.

7. For Physics, formulas should be on your finger tips! Make a list of ALL the formulas for physics on a separate sheet.

8. Do 50 vocabulary words on a daily basis and keep revising them till MDCAT. 

Try your best not to lose marks in this section. Vocab preparation should be a part of your daily routine. Also, try to read as much as you can. Read whatever you like, but do read.

9. Before starting any chapter, watch a relevant lecture on, and then learn it from your book. Will it not only make learning more interesting but also help you memorize stuff in long term.

10. Prefer quality over quantity! Better learn few pages less but whatever you're learning, do it in perfect way.

11. Healthy body; Healthy brain | Weak Body; Weak Brain

Just like you used to be active in schools try to be active at home too.

Go out for jogging, meet friends, play games, eat healthy, dress up nicely! Don’t compromise on what makes you happy and healthy!

12. Join any Local University! Being Alone at such times can be difficult for many. 

Studying at home with a proper routine can be challenging. Consider joining any random program at a local university so that you can avail that university’s resources such as gym, library, playground, lawns, cafeteria etc. You might make good friends too that shall act as your support system throughout!

13. Take as many tests as possible!

You’re lucky to have this gap year. Now you’ve time to apply and take admission tests in different universities. Why take tests? So that you gain confindence of handling exam environment and polish

exam-taking skills over the time.

We recommend you take SAT, SAT Subject Test (Bio, Phy, Chem),

LUMS Engineering Test, among others. 

14. Again, Join Nearpeer’s online MDCAT Course. Our instructors and counselors are available 24/7 to help you till your MDCAT Day. We can make you achieve your dreams, Insha'Allah. 

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Know that you’re not alone!

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