MDCAT ki second attempt ma 85% students phir se fail ho jaty han! Because wo Improver ni Repeaters hoty han! ‚Äč

Ap yea galati hargiz mat krna!

Get your notebook and write down these important tips for your gap year!

1- Know WHY you are taking this gap year!

Do not waste a single breath calling yourself an MDCAT aspirant this year before you figure out,

  1. Why do you really want to become a doctor?
  2. Can you honestly give your 100% to the MDCAT this year?
  3. What steps will you take this year to improve your aggregate?

You MUST know and believe the answer to the first two questions only then this article and the attached guide will help you figure out the last question.

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2- Healthy body; Healthy Brain | Weak Body; Weak Brain

You are stupid if you think you can improve even by 1% by cramming books and taking lectures 24/7. Being a medical student you should know the fact that your entire body should be in equilibrium to perform with the best efficiency. So, plan out some physical activities, games, sports, etc. to enable your brain and body to perform on the MDCAT day. 

3- Cut toxicity from your circle. 

Gap years are not easy! you will face a lot of naysayers in your gap year. Make yourself numb to the words of naysayers, and cut them loose if you can. Stay close to people who support you, and believe in you. 

4- Follow a routine. 

Success is for the ones who are disciplined. Map out your days, and follow a routine for the rest of the year. Remember you are not only preparing for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English you are actually preparing for the MDCAT day. The only way to be prepared for the MDCAT day is to train your subconscious mind for the entire gap year. Don't feel low... no one can do it all right on the first day. Nearpeer's counselors are just a click away to help you create and follow the perfect routine.

5- Be at 100% in all subjects. 

This is a point that requires discussion in detail. Click the button below to download the guide to be perfect in all subjects. I'll just share the golden rule here. 

Consider every topic as the most important topic. Believe in no one other than the result of your practice MCQs. 

For example, 

If you are confident that you know each and every word from the topic of Enzymes in biology. 

Give yourself a diagnostic quiz on the topic and base your preparation strategy on the result of that quiz. 

This is the rule that no toppers have ever disclosed in any interview.

6- Join a Managed Test Session.

To ensure success in your gap year do not rely on self-studies only. You need to join a properly managed test session, this will give you accountability and a proper routine for preparation. Even if you've joined a university during your gap year the pressure of test sessions will make you fight procrastination and help you study properly. 

In the end, I would recommend you write down all these points before you start your gap year. For a properly designed test session click the link below to contact Nearpeer's counselors.

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