Finallyyyyy PMDC ne MDCAT 2023 ka syllabus share kr diya!

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has released the official curriculum for MDCAT 2023, bringing much-awaited clarity to the exam.

The syllabus includes a new addition - logical reasoning - with six questions allocated to this subject in the MDCAT. With less than two months left for the exam, it is crucial for students to have a comprehensive preparation plan.

Syllabus Details:

- Total MCQs: 200

- Exam Duration: 3.5 hours

- Format: Paper-based MCQs

- Minimum Pass Marks for Medical College Admission: 65%

- Minimum Pass Marks for Dental College Admission: 55%

- No Negative Marking

Beta MDCAT ma Less than 60 days baki han!!! Tayari ka kiya plan ha?

Ni Ni...Fiker krna apka kaam nai, Nearpeer ha na... apko inhi 60 Days ma MDCAT topper bnany k liye we're launching the last batch of LMDCAT Yaqeen series. 

Let's take a sneak peek at the LMDCAT Yaqeen Batch 4.0

1. Daily Live Sessions: The LMDCAT Yaqeen 4.0 batch offers daily live sessions, ensuring students receive timely guidance and expert advice to enhance their understanding of the syllabus.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: The batch covers the entire MDCAT syllabus, leaving no topic unaddressed. This ensures that students are well-prepared for all sections of the exam, including the newly added logical reasoning component.

3. Daily Practice Papers (DPPs): Students receive daily practice papers to sharpen their problem-solving skills and familiarize themselves with the exam pattern. Regular practice helps them become more confident and proficient in answering questions within the given time frame.

4. Practice Drills: With access to over 25,000 MCQs, students can refine their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of various topics. Practicing a large number of MCQs allows them to strengthen their weak areas and reinforce their strong ones.

5. Books and Notes: The books and notes of Nearpeer are recommended by the toppers of MDCAT. You don't need to use any other book if you've access to these amazing books.

5. Detailed Topic-wise Test Sessions: The LMDCAT Yaqeen 4.0 batch includes topic-wise test sessions that help students assess their grasp of specific subjects. These sessions allow for focused revision, enabling students to identify and rectify any knowledge gaps.

6. Nearpeer's AI Bot: Students can quickly get answers to their questions, as Nearpeer provides prompt responses through their chatbot feature. This ensures that students receive timely clarification and have a better understanding of complex topics.

7. Score Predictor: The score predictor tool plays a vital role in the student's success journey. Using 32 parameters, it accurately predicts the MDCAT scores and has maintained an impressive 95% accuracy rate for the past three years. This helps students gauge their performance and make necessary improvements.

Wait kis baat ka ha? Forn se enroll kro the batch is starting from 24th of June


With the official MDCAT syllabus now available, students must make the most of their remaining time and prepare comprehensively. Nearpeer's LMDCAT Yaqeen 4.0 batch offers a well-structured and effective preparation strategy. By enrolling in this batch, students gain access to daily live sessions, complete syllabus coverage, daily practice papers, extensive MCQ practice, detailed topic-wise test sessions, instant answer access, and an accurate score predictor. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your chances of success in the MDCAT 2023. Enroll in the LMDCAT Yaqeen 4.0 batch today and embark on your path to a bright medical or dental career.