On September 3, 2023, the NUMS (MDCAT) 2023 exam took place. Students found it relatively easy, and it covered topics from the official syllabus, which made them feel confident about their performance.

Many students who had prepared for Nearpeer's MDCAT program were especially happy. This is because a significant number of questions in the final exam were similar to the ones they had practiced with Nearpeer. This alignment between their preparation and the actual exam content made them feel well-prepared and satisfied with their performance.

Great news for students who appeared in the NUMS (MDCAT) 2023 exam!

The answer key, thoughtfully crafted by the instructors at Nearpeer, is now accessible. It's highly recommended that students take advantage of this key to identify their aggregate for the NUMS and any incorrectly marked (MCQs). This will help them pinpoint areas where they need improvement and fine-tune their preparation strategy for the upcoming PMDC MDCAT Exam. Students should utilize Nearpeer's aggregate calculator to check their NUMS aggregate. However, their primary focus should be on preparing for the imminent PMDC MDCAT exam.

Important Links:

Click to check the aggregate for NUMS (MDCAT): https://www.nearpeer.org/blog/mdcat/calculate-nums-merit-with-aggregate-calculator