1. Join the most awaited online MDCAT test session by Nearpeer for perfect preparation. A total of 4500 multiple choice questions will be covered in this test session including 48 Full-length papers for all the subjects. These last few days before MDCAT are extremely important in determining your final score in the MDCAT so make sure to have a maximum practice of MCQues with our test session! Following are the reasons you should join our test session: 

  2. ✅ New Test Everyday
  3. ✅ FLPs from 2008 to 2018
  4. ✅ Nearpeer Special FLPs
  5. ✅ FLPs including Alevel Questions
  6. ✅ Bonus papers
  7. ✅ Topical Papers
  8. ✅ Solve as many times as you want
  9. ✅ Questions with Answers
  10. ✅ Deep Analysis of your performance
  11. ✅ Starting from 2nd August
  12. ✅ Ending on 22nd August

  13. How to enroll: If you're already enrolled with us for our MDCAT course, you can avail the test session for free and you don't need to register yourself for that. However for newcomers, in order to enroll, you can WhatsApp us on 0347 0171480 for details regarding enrollment. 

  14. Schedule: Given below is the link for our test-session schedule. The schedule has been designed in a way so that it won’t be a burden on the students. So make sure to focus more on the quality of your MDCAT test preparation. Treat every test like the final MDCAT exam.

  15. Nearpeer MDCAT test session schedule

  16. Things to remember before attempting the tests:

  17. Before attempting every test, make sure to follow proper discipline in order to get the maximum benefit from the test session:
  18. 1)  Test links will be emailed to the students and will be posted on the subject-specific facebook groups every day ( if you are enrolled student).
  19. 2) The schedule and syllabus for every test will be announced beforehand so be well prepared for MDCAT before every test.
  20. 3)    Avoid distractions. Ask the people around you not to disturb you while you’re attempting the test. Your concentration is important so make sure you’re in a noise-free environment.
  21. 4)    Be honest. Do not take any help from textbooks during the test otherwise, there’s no purpose of attempting the tests in the first place.
  22. 5)    You’ll be provided with 4 links, one for each subject on a daily basis. Solve all four of them in one go and within the time allocated for each one of them.