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Key Features of the Crash Test Session:

  1. Chapterwise Tests
  2. Quarter Book Tests
  3. Half-length Papers (HLPs)
  4. 5 Mock Tests
  5. Deatiled Test Discussion of all Tests
  6. Nearpeer Books

Expert Guidance: Receive insights and tips from experienced instructors to fine-tune your preparation in last few days. Watch the test discussions carefully to identify your weak points.

Simulated Exam Experience: Practice under real exam conditions to enhance your time management and boost confidence.

Strategic Insights: Uncover key areas of focus and gain a competitive edge through targeted preparation.

Real-time Performance Analysis: Receive instant results of the tests and track your progress.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Engage in the Activity

Step 2: Install Nearpeer App:

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Step 6: Smart Study:

Cover essential topics with a focus on high-weightage areas.

For Non-Instagram Users: 

Add 5 MDCAT friends in Tiger Force Community & claim your reward following step 2-6.

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