MDCAT Topper Interview | 1st Position Holder (Federal) MDCAT 2021

Congratulations Ahmad Sajjad, MDCAT Topper 2021!

Ahmed Sajjad topped the MDCAT exam 2021 and became the 1st position holder in the Federal Region for MDCAT 2021 using the Nearpeer MDCAT online Course!

Click here to check it out. Team Nearpeer is proud of his achievement and excited for his future. Keep reading to find out more about his experience as a topper and the studying and Nearpeer MDCAT course that went into becoming the MDCAT Topper For 2021. 

MDCAT Topper 2021 Background: 

This is not the first time Ahmad Sajjad gave the MDCAT exam. It was not on his first try that he became the MDCAT topper for 2021, having the highest marks in MDCAT in Pakistan.

Ahmad Sajjad’s first time giving the MDCAT exam was in 2019. He had previously got a 955 in inter, and MDCAT was 161. Then, he tried again in 2020 and this time he got a 171 in his MDCAT and 971 marks in his Inter. A reason for this was also because this was the year when Covid 19 had hit, and there was an edge in terms of marks. Also, an improvement for Inter marks can only be given once. After that, his aggregate was left from a few percentage points, so then his family mentioned that he should just switch to Pharmacy for his studies, but then the Government announced that the students who gave the improvement paper would be given another chance to give the paper because during COVID-19, marks were just awarded, but this would be an opportunity to actually gain them.

How Ahmad Sajjad Became An MDCAT Topper For 2021:

Ahmad Sajjad gave the papers again and got a 994 in his Inter and 192 for the MDCAT, making him the 1st position holder in the Federal Region for MDCAT 2021. For his third attempt, Ahmad Sajjad studied from Nearpeer, not any other institution, academy etc. Although he did join an academy for his last two attempts, he ended up opting for Nearpeer and simply self-studying for his third attempt and ended up topping in the Federal Region for MDCAT, receiving the highest marks in MDCAT 2021 in Pakistan

When his parents observed Nearpeer, it’s work ethic and culture, they were so impressed that they enrolled their other son in the MDCAT Improver session and we gave Ahmad Sajjad 100,000 PKR in terms of rewards! 

Nearpeer’s Response: 

When we heard of the MDCAT results here at Nearpeer, we were excited and wanted to meet Ahmad Sajjad and get his story. Thus, we made sure he visited Nearpeer along with his family.

Ahmad Sajjad was also excited to come! He had a great attitude throughout, and also brought his gold medal awarded by PMC to show our team at Nearpeer. We were very impressed to say the least. 

Our Nearpeer Cofounders, Ammar Ali Ayub and Shahrukh Swati also awarded him with a cheque worth 100,000 PKR along with other Nearpeer souvenirs and memorabilia to remember us by. Our delighted Nearpeer team members had the pleasure to show Ahmad Sajjad, who secured the top Position in MDCAT 2021, around the office. We wanted to make sure Ahmad was given a nudge in the right direction and made the best choices for himself and his family in the future, so we made sure that our Nearpeer official counsellors offered him free career counseling for his bright future ahead. We are certain Ahmad Sajjad will go on to achieve many milestones for his future academics and career. 

MDCAT Topper 2021 Interview: All You Need to Know For A Top Position in MDCAT 2022

The Nearpeer Team did not stop there. We also made sure to have a detailed and in depth interview with the topper so we know the secret formula that helps future MDCAT aspirants reach the same heights that Ahmad Sajjad did, so everyone can a chance to obtain a top position in MDCAT 2021 and score the highest marks in the MDCAT 2021 in Pakistan. We made sure to check in with him about a variety of topics, such as but not limited to his family background, interests, aspirations and exactly what it took for him to get to where he is today. It is important to note that Ahmad Sajjad is not a superhuman of any kind and as admirable as his achievements are, they are not impossible! Receiving the highest marks in MDCAT 2021 in Pakistan may seem like an unlikely feat, but with the right training, it is very much attainable. 

How Nearpeer Can Help You Become The MDCAT topper for 2022:

Nearpeer offers all the required subjects for MDCAT preparation with the best instructors and the most reasonable prices. Ahmad Sajjad, the MDCAT Topper 2021, also only used Nearpeer MDCAT Online Classes for his topper study preparation and received the highest marks for the MDCAT 2021! 

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