MDCAT Rechecking Fee, Rs. 5,000 only!

The 2021 MDCAT season has been a highly contested one, gripping the attention of students, teachers, and the mass public. There have been concerns raised with PMC’s MDCAT internet connectivity, out-of-syllabus questions, wrong answer keys, and operational concerns, all being labelled as “mistakes”. These “mistakes” have the power of costing a young doctor-to-be their future.

The PMC held a press conference on the 9th of October, 2021 to engage with these concerns, but in turn invalidated them all, not accepting any responsibility of any of the misgivings conducted during the 2021 MDCAT. Click here to watch it.

In the PMC press conference, The PMC stated they are now conducting a special review paper option, led by Quaid-e-Azam University. Students requiring review can apply, get an appointment, have their papers de-encrypted and see the results. If there are any issues, the PMC will supposedly make it public and give the student their mark. Click here to check it out. 

Review Paper Option: 5,000PKR Rechecking Fee!?

The issue is that the fee for this review paper option was conveniently left out by the PMC officials. The fee is stated on the website as 5,000 PKR for a personal review, and 3,500 PKR for a referral review. 

The amount is almost the same as the 2021 MDCAT registration fee i.e. 6,000 PKR, which is an exorbitant fee, especially for students from lower-income households. 

Here is what the MDCAT Students had to say:

The MDCAT aspirants’ responses to these fees were not ideal by the least. There was a backlash to these rates, retorted as too high. In the tweet below, the tweeter inquired the organization as to “how a poor student can give 5000 for rechecking”. 

Some students were far more appalled, asking the PMC if they had “any shame” for the dizzyingly high prices released by the PMC for the 2021 MDCAT registration and rechecking fee. 

Other students shared their grievances also, like the student below, stating that PMC’s “entire bank balance is funded by students”, amongst other concerns. 

Nearpeer wants to hear your thoughts. What do you think about this rechecking fee? Is it too high? Just okay? Share what you think below!