Do you know?  Many students who fail MDCAT struggle to manage their preparation during the month of Ramazan. 

To help you make a difference this year Nearpeer has launched the "Ramadan Mini Quiz Series" 

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1-Registration for the Ramadan Mini Quiz Series

Ramadan Mini Quiz Series is FREE for all students around Pakistan. If you're an MDCAT aspirant you must register for the Ramadan Mini Quiz Series. 

To register for the Ramadan Mini Quiz Series Click the following button. The button will take you to the MDCAT Tiger Force WhatsApp group of Nearpeer. 

2-Schedule for the Quiz Series

The 29-day Ramadan Mini Quiz Series will be managed by the MDCAT Experts of Nearpeer according to a proper schedule. Click the following button to see the schedule of the quiz series.


3-Solutions of the Quiz Series

At Nearpeer you don't need to wait for the answers, as soon as you submit the quiz, your performance is evaluated and your results are shown along with a detailed analysis.

Your daily quizzes will flow in the following manner 

Step 1: Click the link we provide you in the Tiger Force Group

Step 2: Click the Start Quiz Button to start the quiz. Take this quiz series very seriously, as your score predictor will be monitoring your behavior and progress on basis of these quizzes and 32 other parameters. 

The score presented on the score predictor is 95% accurate (Based on data from the last 3 years) so work day in and day out to make it up to your goal. 

Step 3: Solve the quiz properly and click the submit/finish button.


Step 4: TA DA... Here's your result page

Observe the scores and percentages of the high performers, you are competing with on average 35 students on your MBBS seat, staying in competition and performing well in the same will definitely help you achieve your goals. 

Scroll down... you'll see question-wise stats of your

Strengths and Weaknesses (Work on your weakness and retain your strengths, make markings in your notes accordingly)

Detailed Solutions (Check and clear the concepts of your wrong questions on the spot)

Analysis of Time Management (Time management is crucial for MDCAT aspirants, a question marked correctly but with inappropriate time will take you away from your goal)

Performance analysis (Your performance chart as compared to that of the class and the topper of the quiz)

4-Winners of the Ramadan Mini Quiz Series

The Winners of the Ramadan Mini Quiz Series will be announced on daily basis at 9 pm, via Nearpeer Stories, Instagram, and Facebook handles. 

Winners will be selected on the following criteria, 

✅ The candidate has solved the mini-quiz on the first attempt

✅ The candidate has solved the mini-quiz with maximum marks.

✅The candidate has solved the mini quiz in minimum time

Toppers will be announced at the end of every Ashra (i.e. 11th, 21st, and 29th Ramadan)

For the most consistent candidates and top performers,

there will be a surprise gift at the end of this mini-quiz series.

5-Facebook Community Group

We know that you have the urge to discuss the topics, and questions with your peers, for the purpose of this discussion please click the link below to join Nearpeer's Facebook Community Group. 

6-Improver's Test Session Batch-III

If you're an improver and still sitting without a proper plan of preparation, you NEED to step up your game as soon as possible. We recommend you join Nearpeer's MDCAT Improver Test Session Batch-III

This test session will cover the entire MDCAT syllabus (Both Part-I and Part-II) in a systematic manner. 

The session includes,

✅ Topic-wise recorded lectures,

✅ Live sessions with MDCAT experts

✅ Test Sessions (detailed test sessions with topic-wise tests, half & full syllabus tests along with mocks to ensure your prep)

✅ Test discussions by MDCAT experts

✅ PDF Books and Notes 

In short all the secret ingredients we use to make hundreds of students successful each year 

Are you still thinking??? Buddy just click the following button... Nearpeer's counselors are waiting to guide you on the way to success 

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