MDCAT Model Test

Hi Everyone! Testing is the key to failure and failure leads to understanding, and success is possible only with this understanding. These tests are designed in such a manner to completely give you the idea of all types of questions that you will face in MDCAT. Nearpeer makes sure that the students preparing for MDCAT are gone through a tough testing session so that the actual test seems to them a piece of cake.


 If you want to assess your preparation for MDCAT or you want to know what kind of multiple choice questions the test consists of, you need to attempt the MDCAT sample test given below. ALL the multiple-choice questions are from MDCAT past papers, so you'll get to know the difficulty level of MDCAT through this test.                         

1. Marks Distribution

The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions;

20 from Biology, 15 from chemistry and physics each, 10 from English. 

2. Each question carries one mark. 

3. Time limit

There is no negative marking or time limit as such. But try to attempt the test in at least 50 minutes according to the time limit given in MDCAT. 


4. See your worth

 At the end of the test, you'll be able to check your topic wise strength and you'll be able to compare your result with other students who have attempted the test.

5. How to access

Make sure you login to your nearpeer account, in order to participate.

So are you READY? 

In order to solve the test, use the link given below:

Good luck!

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