The High Court of Lahore ordered the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) to investigate the contract given by the PMC to a private firm for MDCAT conduction. On 18 October 2021, when the investigation was completed, PPRA revealed its findings and in answer, the Punjab Medical Commission (PMC) launched a press release. Both the press release and PPRA’s findings were extremely contradictory. Keep reading to find out about both of the releases.

It was doubted that the PMC shook hands with a system of schools, SAOR, which is a private firm and is not reliable for the purpose of conducting the MDCAT. This agreement of PMC turned out to be a huge mistake and now, the final decision will be in the hands of the court. 

PPRA declared signing a contract with a private firm for the conduction of MDCAT as “illegal.” PPRA also released an 11-page long written conclusion. The task for the conduction of MDCAT was supposed to be given to a firm by 5 May and 14 companies applied to PMC for this role whereas the PMC registered SAOR on the 21st of May. 


This collaboration with SAOR resulted in the failure of many students because of the bad system management of the company during the examination. Due to this, a huge amount of students came out of their houses for protests across the country and in answer, the PMC tried to give extra marks to the students to pass them.

After all this, PMC posts about something completely opposite showing their innocence. 

Check out this Press Release 

It says that PPRA declared the contract between PMC and SAOR as “valid.”

If the High Court of Lahore had ordered PPRA for an investigation and the PPRA declared the contract invalid, then how is PMC (on their Facebook page) posting this? This huge contradiction can prove to be highly dangerous for PMC. However, there’s a big chance that the High Court of Lahore fines the PMC and orders them to reconduct the MDCAT this year, that too very soon.

In the Lahore High Court, the lawyers in the defense of PMC argued that the words “a date” and “single admission test” are clearly written in singular form and not in plural form, in Section 18 (1) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act. According to this, PMC could hold only one test on one selected date per year. It was asked to the court if this rule of holding a single test could be violated or not so the students could get another chance.

The petitioners claimed that according to Section 20 of the PMC Act, the examinations should be held twice a year. However, this clause is about NLE and not MDCAT and so PMC said that this entire argument is flawed. 

Upon this, Justice Jawad Hassan observes that the petitioners failed to make a case out of it and holds that there was nothing illegal found in applying the rules, regulations, and the Act during the complete conduction of MDCAT 2021. 

However, in conclusion, Justice Jawad Hassan ordered the petitioners to come up with better reviews for the compensation of their incorrect arguments till 29 Oct and directed PMC to interpret the reviews strictly in accordance with law within one week after it is filed. 

The bottom line is that there is still a chance of another MDCAT conduction this year. Even if there’s not, it’s not the end of the world. You have a chance to top the Scholastic Admission Test this year so without wasting any time, enroll in our SAT Preparatory Course and stand ahead of the curve in your SAT exam.