MDCAT dates have just been extended by PMC. The previous dates were 15th August-15th September. The NEW DATES ANNOUNCED are 7th September-30th September.

Now you have about 22 extra days for your preparation. As you're dealing with an exam date change, you might be feeling that despite all the work you've already put in, you'll lose some of the knowledge you've gained. Or, maybe you were relieved that you now have some extra time to prepare!

Regardless of where you are at with exam preparation, we've got some tips to help keep you (or get you) in the zone for your delayed exam.

1. Make A New Study Calendar

2. Start Self-Testing By Solving the Quizzes

3. Set Smaller Goals and Objectives

4. Brush up on Some Revision Strategies

5. Find a Study Buddy

6. Keep track of all the tasks you’ve completed

7. Put only the materials you need for your current task on your desk

8. Do not study in bed

9. Keep yourself away from the distractions while using the digital device for study

Talk with our counselor. Nearpeer is going to start a new Session of LMDCAT. Get yourself enrolled in this to achieve the best chance of entering in the prestigious medical colleges.

Wishing you best of luck. ✨

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