Biology has the most extensive syllabus out of all the four portions of MDCAT. This is because the maximum number of multiple choice questions in MDCAT are from Biology.

For Biology, you would have heard many people telling you that your textbook lines are extremely important which is one hundred percent true. You can secure a lot of marks in this portion of the test if you have studied your textbooks well enough.

Now coming back to the syllabus, given below are some important points regarding the Biology syllabus.


1. Stick to the UHS topics:

You should stick to the UHS syllabus-specified topics but it's better to just give a read to the syllabus relevant topics in the textbook and highlight the important stuff so you won't need to go through those extra topics again and again.

2. FSc textbooks:

FSc textbook is extremely important in the case of Biology especially. You should prioritize your textbook over any other book. Even for A levels students, we'd recommend to at least go through FSc textbook for once in order to score maximum in MDCAT.

UHS Syllabus for Biology is not that complicated. All the topics given in the UHS syllabus are given in the textbooks. And the good news is, some of the topics are not included in UHS so you need to memorize a little less than the entire two textbooks of both first year and second-year FSc. For example,

1. Kingdom Plantae is not included in the syllabus
2. Transport in plants is not included
3. Digestion in hydra, planaria, cockroach is not included

3. MCQs practice:

After having thoroughly studied the textbooks, you can practice past paper multiple choice questions or you can use any other practice book if you want. The more important thing still, is to thoroughly go through your textbook lines. The MCQs in Biology portion is not that complicated, so you can solve them with your textbook knowledge. But if you still want to be careful, you can solve the past paper questions.

4. Important topics:

According to the weight of different topics in the UHS syllabus, the most important topics are:

-Cell Biology (10 MCQues): Chapter 4 FSc textbook
-Biological molecules (7 MCQues): Chapter 2 FSc textbook
-Bioenergetics (6 MCQues): Chapter 11 FSc textbook

-Biotechnology (5 MCQues): Chapter 23 FSc textbook
-Enzymes (3 MCQues): Chapter 3 FSc textbook
-Immunity (3 MCQues): Chapter 14 FSc textbook
-Genetics (8 MCQues): Chapter 20 and 21 FSc textbook

These chapters carry a lot of weight in the Biology portion as compared to the length of these chapters. So pay special attention to the aforementioned topics.

5. How to cover the syllabus?

You can easily cover the entire syllabus for Biology in like a month which is more than enough time considering the syllabus for Biology. If you study at the speed of one chapter+MCQues practice per day, you can easily cover your syllabus in even less than a month’s time. However, you need to make sure whatever you’re studying, you memorize and learn it to the best of your ability because you cannot afford to spend a lot of time on the same chapters, again and again, every time you study. Because Quality>Quantity.


6. Biology quizzes

Given above are the links of quizzes that you can attempt for practice. A lot of other quizzes are available in our MDCAT Biology course along with video lectures that cover the entire syllabus for Biology specified by the UHS. 

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