I know this year has been a roller coaster for all the MDCAT aspirants due to unprecedented times. 

The delaying of MDCAT, again and again must have you exhausted by now and I completely empathize with you all. 

But do not let this bring down your morale for one last time before 29th November (HOPEFULLY!)

Do not let your months of preparation go to waste just because of these uncertain times. 

Gear up and read these tips to prepare yourself for the MDCAT exam day and guarantee your success. 

1) Getting Appropriate Sleep leads to Active Processing of Brain. 

This last week, before exam day, is all about how you treat yourself. 

You have done all the preparation you could possibly do in all past months. Now, this week is the time where you should be making your healthy routine for the exam day. Studying all day and night will not guarantee you the success in the MDCAT. Yeh baat likh lou!

Unless you have taken the appropriate amount of sleep.

It was also proved in a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information that sleep helps in longer retention of memory. A case study showed that "sleep occurring within 3 h after learning vocabulary was more beneficial than sleep delayed by more than 10 h." (Source: About Sleep's Role in Memory)

Hence, taking the required amount of sleep as well as sleeping on time is utmost important in helping you get the fruit of your preparation. 

2) Revise your Notes in Dedicated Hours

If you want to ace your MDCAT, then you should make a routine such that you sleep at 10 pm sharp and wake up in the 6 am morning. And why you should follow these specific timings?

Well, if you sleep at 10 pm then you would be able to fulfil your deep-sleep cycle requirement along with giving enough time to your brain to relax. Followed by waking up early in the morning at 6 am and its that time when your mind starts working at its optimum. And if at that time you would revise your notes that will be retained for longer as compared to at night when your brain's energy is all exhausted. 

So figuring out the optimum time of your brain's activity is essential and will definitely prove successful for you on the exam day. 

One thing to make clear, students who study all day and night and then sleep only an hour or two before the exam and fails to achieve the expected result and screw their exam, they always get confused and annoyed post-exam and ask themselves "I had done all the preparation, revised all my syllabus before the exam but then why I didn't get the required score?" 

This is the answer to their question. Even if you have done 200% preparation, but you have not given your brain enough time to relax and process information then sorry to say but all your handwork will go in vain. 

If you require some in depth motivation, you can watch the video below and do yourself a favor.


3) "You Can Do It"

So this happens a lot when you open your book to revise the notes for one last time, you feel like "Mjy tou yeh bhi nhi ata" 

"Maira tou yeh topic bhi revise krny wala rhta hai"

"Mjy sb kuch bhool gaya hai"


Tmy kuch nahi bhoola, you know everything. Still if you force your mind to think negative, and scare your mind that you have forgotten everything you studied, then definitely brain will give you negative signals, it will drain all your positive energy. 

You have to tell your brain that "You know everything, you have studied for months and have done all the preparation." 

If one or two topic is left, it does not matter, you will still do it. 

When you bring yourself in positive mindset, you will see a shift of energy in yourself, you will be all relaxed and would be eager to appear for the exam day and this energy would ultimately help you ace your MDCAT exam. 

Trust me!

4) Eat light, Feel Light

So usually there are two kinds of students,

Ones who do not eat at all on the exam day and second who eats parathay and anday and what not. 

The point is that on the exam day you have to EAT, but you have to EAT LIGHT

I know most of you who does not eat at all, they don't eat because they feel nervous, are in hurry, are worried about their exam and all. 

But here is a big NO.

You have to eat something that will give you calories, for example, you can drink milkshake, you can eat cornflakes, you can eat a chocolate bar with a glass of milk. But you have to eat a little something that will give you energy.

And secondly, our brown parents are like, "Beta tm paratha kha k jao aj kue k aj tmhra exam hai", "Anday kha lou tm aj, isay jaan aae gi"


So you don't have to listen to your parents here, tell them to give you something halka pulkha and if they still insist, tell them parathay and anday will make you puke out, and you would have no time for that during the exam. 

5) Take Shower, Wear Good Clothes and Feel Confident. 

I know most of you wake up late because you sleep late the night before the exam, which you have to avoid at all cost, because of the reasons I've given above. 

On the exam day, YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY, offer prayer, go for a walk, do some stretching exercise, take a shower and wear good clothes. 

The reason I am telling you to do all this is that if you will feel outwardly confident, then you would automatically feel satisfied from the inside and with confidence and positive vibes you can ace your MDCAT exam easily. 

Final Thoughts

This is the time to invest in yourself, therefore, you should start developing your routine of early sleeping, waking up early, revising for some dedicated hours, and not to exhaust your mind and body. If you will follow this schedule a week before the exam day, you will feel a different kind of energy in yourself on the exam day.

And not to mention, wake up 2 hours early from your scheduled exam time and do some walking, breakfast-ing, take a shower, dress up and gather a lot of prayers from your mother and then leave for the exam day. 

And just remember nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. 

If you are anxious and feeling nervous and want to take some on-call counselling, feel free to comment below your name and phone number and our counsellor will reach out to you.

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