The most frequently asked question these days by MDCAT Reconduct 2023 aspirants is “AKHRI DINON MEIN TYAARI KESAY KI JAYE?”.

Let’s find out the answer.

The last few day's preparation for MDCAT is the grand finale phase which will decide 

> who will find the way to their DREAM medical college, 

> who is going to reappear next year?

There are many success stories of students who struggled very rarely the whole year but they gird up their loins in the last few months of preparation and that month made it possible for them to fulfill the aim.

Follow these steps to make these last few days, your GOLD DAYS.

1- Make up your mind for this final round:


It's always YOU VS YOU. So, you will face hurdles in doing your preparation from inside your heart, not from anybody else. 

> Make a decision and time-bound your goals and then cling to them. 

> Stay determined and always think that if you could not make it in these last days with optimum effort, you will not be able to achieve the goal you are having from your college days.

2- Your routine is as important as your schedule.


No schedule is perfect unless you follow it in the true spirit, for the rest of the days make a fixed schedule for you.

Your schedule must, 

a) Match the routine of your MDCAT Day, 

Your exam is on the 19th & 26th of Nov 2023 .. You need to train your brain to be at its best at this time of the day. Your daily routine must train your mind, body, and spirit to work optimally on exam day. 

b) Do NOT consider yourself a "Memory Card". 

You are not a storage device, optimize your daily tasks and take regular study breaks, you don't need to study for 8 or 16 hours a day, instead, make daily targets and manage your time according to these targets.

Need further coaching on adjustment of your daily routine? 

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3- Manage the Syllabus of MDCAT in the last few days!


The last few days aren't for chapter-wise preparation, working on a chapter-wise plan will land you in chaos, it is the time for you to see your syllabus with a holistic view.

Following are the things you should do to manage your syllabus during the last 30 days. 

  1. Attempt Mock to see where you are standing right now.
  2. Identify the weak spots depending on the result of that mock exam.
  3. Prepare the quarter where you found the maximum of your mistakes.
  4. In that quarter prepare the chapter where you found yourself weak.

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4- Stop running away from your weaknesses!

  2. Success in MDCAT is all about retaining your strengths and working on your weaknesses. Identify your weaknesses in all 4 subjects of MDCAT as per the provided syllabus. 
  3. Work on all your weaknesses until each and every one of them is converted to your strength.
  4. During preparation, students keep on avoiding certain topics, (normally which they find difficult) for the last time, this is going to cost you a lot. 
  5. Start each subject, even chapters with a diagnostic test, so you can identify what are the issues with that chapter. Work on your weak areas as first priority and move forward with retaining your strengths. 
  6. Make a list of your weak topics and keep testing them from time to time, mark the scores you achieve in front of this list, observe your performance and make efforts accordingly. this practice will keep on polishing your confidence and will make it easy for you to face questions from that topic in your final exam. 

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  3. Work every day on your weak areas, to make your score predictor go up to your desired marks. 
  5. Nearpeer's score predictor is a constant watch on where you'll land in your final exam, with utmost consistency keep working on your weaknesses, and keep up the game of practice with Nearpeer's practice feature.

5- Give at least 30-minutes to exercise | Healthy body = Healthy mind

  2. No one is superhuman, you can't study for 18 hours straight and produce the best results, this will in turn causes stress, overthinking, demotivation, and a lot of other problems which directly affect your grades. 
  3. Make a routine of 30 minutes of exercise on daily basis before starting your studies, this will improve the blood flow to the brain, this, in turn, fires up your neurons and promote cell growth, particularly in the hippocampus. 
  4. So with an exercise of only 30 minutes, you can improve your concentration and overall productivity. 

6- Balanced diet is as important as Biology in MDCAT

  3. Take proper meals during this last days of your prep, you can't afford to get ill right before your exams. To avoid any such conditions during or right before your exam you need to focus on your diet as well. Avoid taking too much fast food as taking loads of fast food will directly affect your studies (Research have found that people who take healthy and regular diet perform way better than those who take too much fast food in simple memory tests) 

7- Talk to Your Favorite Person for a few Minutes

  3. During these last days, you need to do everything that will make your only asset (your brain) happy and active during the time of the exam. Do not isolate yourself from the outer world, once you are done with your schedule find some time to talk to people you love, to even increase your productivity talk to your friends about the topics you've covered, summarize the topic in that chit chat, it will give you a subconscious revision of the topics you've covered. 

8- Optimum Sleep = Best performance in the exam

  2. Proper sleep during optimum hours is crucial for your activity, avoid all-night study, especially during the last days, you MUST train yourself to perform at your best on EXAM DAY. 
  3. You can't perform at your best if your biological cycle is trained to make you mentally active in the evening or at night, your exam will be in the morning you must be 100% active both physically and mentally during the time of the exam. 
  4. 6 hours of sleep is optimum for you to perform well, suggested sleep time for the best performance is 10 Pm onwards. Train yourself accordingly.

9- You are all prepared!

  2. You've been covering these topics since the first day of your college, you've passed 2 years of college life and the tenure of MDCAT preparation covering them in every way that was possible in your power. 
  3. Do not go after new books, new academies, or new practice sets. You've done it enough.  

10- Guidance from an inexperienced person = Disaster

  1. During this crucial few days, do not take advice from any person who doesn't have relevant experience. 
  2. 1 wrong piece of advice at this time can turn the game upside down. To provide you with proper guidance counseling team of Nearpeer is available for you. 

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