1. Use Practice MCQs

Nearpeer's Question Bank is invaluable for MDCAT preparation, as many questions in the 2023 exam were drawn from this trusted resource. It provides a comprehensive repository of practice questions that closely mirror the actual exam, giving you a crucial edge in understanding the test format and content.

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Access incredible discounts on Nearpeer's MDCAT Question Bank and supercharge your reconduct preparation. With a vast repository of practice questions, detailed explanations, and real-time performance tracking, you'll be well-equipped to excel in your MDCAT Reconduct attempt. Don't miss this chance to save on valuable study resources. Prepare smart and secure your path to a successful medical career with Nearpeer's unbeatable discount offer.

2. Nearpeer's MDCAT Reconduct Test Session

Exclusive Test Session for Reconduct:

In the context of a reconduct of the ETEA and JSMU MDCAT, Nearpeer's Reconduct Test Session takes on heightened importance. This session is specially tailored to address the specific needs and challenges that arise in a reconduct scenario. With these testsand realistic mock tests, it allows you to fine-tune your preparation based on prior experience.

Importantly, the Reconduct Test Session provides a platform for peer interaction, enabling you to learn from the experiences of others who are also preparing for the reconduct. In a reconduct situation, where every moment counts, this focused and adaptive approach is invaluable for maximizing your chances of success. Don't miss out on this critical opportunity to optimize your readiness and increase your likelihood of excelling in the MDCAT reconduct.

3. Diagnostic Quiz

The Quiz module is specifically designed for the Reconduct of MDCAT.

Use the module in the following manner,

✅ Solve the Complete syllabus quiz (short quiz) to break the inertia and kickstart the reconduct prep.

✅ Solve the part 1 & 2 quizzes (short quizzes) to concentrate the focus on your weaknesses with a proper focus.

✅ Before picking up the books solve a full-length quiz to ensure that you're working on the exact pain points while preparing your MDCAT for the reconduct attempt.

Thakna ab option ni ha, White coat ceremony k baad hi thakna ha...

4. Score Predictor

Yea Najoomi apky Application download kr k MDCAT k first diagnostic quiz solve krny k baad hi trigger ho jaye ga, the more you utilize Nearpeer's resources better prediction iski rehe gi

The predictor had a 93% Accuracy rate in MDCAT 2023 Result

5. Aggregate Calculator

6. AI Bot (Your BFF)

yea dono khizanay Nearpeer Mobile app ma han

Download app > Login/Signup > Click MDCAT > Clearly buttons mil jain gy dono k

7. Free Lectures & Question of the Day

Stick to this group, promo codes will be shared once PMDC's Notification or Official Date for Reconduct is announced. Solve the question of the day & engage in other group activities.

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