This article will cover the following topics:

  1. Passing Criteria for the MDCAT 2022
  2. Aggregate Formula for MDCAT 2022
  3. How to calculate the aggregate for MDCAT 2022 Manually?
  4. The Merit List of Public Sector Universities
  5. Dates of the MDCAT Result
  6. Opening Dates for Admission Portal
  7. Date of Commencement of Classes (MBBS/BDS)

On September 26th, 2022. The President of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Dr. Noushad A Shaikh held a meeting with Vice Chancellors of all public medical and dental universities of ICT and KPK for the MDCAT Exam 2022. 

Passing criteria, aggregate formula, and result announcement of the MDCAT 2022 were discussed and announced. The following details cover all the information you need about these decisions. 

1- Passing Criterion for the MDCAT 2022:

The passing criterion for MDCAT students across Pakistan was set to 

MBBS 55%

BDS 45%

Students scoring below these decided thresholds can NOT secure seats in any public or private Medical/Dental college around Pakistan. 

Aggregate Formula

2- Aggregate Formula for MDCAT 2022:

In the meeting of September 26th, 2022 vice chancellors unanimously approved the aggregate formula for the MDCAT 2022 to be as follows.

  1. MDCAT 50%
  2. FSc/HSSC/Equivalent 40%
  3. Matric/SSC/Equivalent 10%

3- How to Calculate the Merit for MDCAT 2022 Manually?

Step 1: Calculate the percentage of your MDCAT score: 

For example, you scored

  1. 130/150 in MDCAT 2022,
  2. 1050/1100 in HSSC/FSc
  3. 1070/1100 in SSC/Matric

In percentage, these will be

  1. MDCAT (130/150)*100 = 86.667%
  2. HSSC/FSc (1050/1100)*100 = 95.45%
  3. SSC/Matric (1070/1100)*100 = 97.72

Step 2: Proportionate your percentages to the Merit: 

   1- Proportionate MDCAT Score @ 50%

86.667*(50/100) = 43.335

   2- Proportionate HSSC/FSc Score @ 40%

95.45*(40/100) = 38.18

   3-  Proportionate SSC/Matric Score @ 10%

97.72*(10/100) = 9.77

 Step 3: Sum the score from Step 2: 

Your MDCAT 2022 Merit = 43.335+38.18+9.77 = 91.285%

4- The Merit List for Public Sector Universities: 

Check if your merit is in accordance with your dream medical university. Following are given merit lists of public sector universities across Punjab and KPK.


Disappointed with your merit?

5- Date of the MDCAT Result:

The answer key for MDCAT 2022 will be published on the PMC website on the day of the MDCAT exam, from where students can verify their results from the carbon copies. 

The universities (UHS, ETEA, NTS) are required to submit the final results of the MDCAT 2022 within 3 days after the conduct, while the consolidated results will be announced within 7 days.

So, if the MDCAT exam takes place according to the schedule i.e. November 13th, 2022. 

  1. The result will be submitted to the PMC by November 16th, 2022.
  2. PMC will announce the result of MDCAT 2022 by November 20th, 2022

6- Opening Date of Admission Portal

As per the press release by PMC, it was proposed that the admission portal shall open right after the announcement of the results and will close on, 

  1. Public Sector MBBS (Closing) December 31st, 2022
  2. Private Sector MBBS (Closing) January 31st, 2023
  3. Public Sector BDS (Closing) February 15th, 2023
  4. Private Sector BDS (Closing) February 28th, 2023

7- Date of Commencement of Classes (MBBS/BDS)

As per the press release by PMC, it was proposed that the classes for MBBS and BDS shall start according to the following schedule, 

  1. MBBS February 1st, 2023
  2. BDS March 1st, 2023

It was also decided that all public and private universities shall complete their admission processes by March 31st, 2023. 

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