FSc exams are around the corner and you know that your FSc and MDCAT marks play critical role in helping you get into the Top Medical Colleges. Since your MDCAT exam comes from your FSc books, you might be wondering k FSc ki tayari karein yeh MDCAT ki? Hmmm? 

Note: This time both MDCAT and FSc will be worth 50%. So, MDCAT ki preparation akhari 1 month k liya kue rkhyn? 

Nobody wants to go through the same study burden after giving FSc exam when there is no energy to study the same content over and over again. (Yes, I can relate!)

But what if you can get into the Top Medical Colleges by doing MDCAT preparation along with your FSc? Aur is dafa tou sirf elective subjects ka exam horha hai. So, why not kill two birds from one stone! 

Let's see why you should start your preparation now and how you can ace your MDCAT as well as FSc.


-Parallel Concept Clearing

Since you all know that Medical Entrance Test solely comes from your FSc content, right? Then studying simultaneously will not only polish your FSc but also help you in knowing the nitty-gritties of the MDCAT. 

Getting good marks in FSc is highly important because of its 50% weightage. But it is equally important to prepare well for MDCAT since MDCAT also comprise 50% of your marks in making the total aggregate. Hence, you must know the ways and concepts that'll help you to score higher so you can cover both 50% together. 

Moreover, you've been studying for your FSc for the last two years but how much time are you investing in perfecting the 50% that will be allocated to the MDCAT? 

Now you might be thinking that it will create an extra study burden on you. But let me tell you how it will not.

Doing FSc along with MDCAT will aid you in making your concepts stronger for both FSc and MDCAT and you would get an edge over those students who will be studying for their Medical Entrance Test right after their FSc with a shorter time on their hands. 

For this purpose, Nearpeer's MDCAT parallel prep. program is here to rescue. In this tailored course, you will not only study for your FSc but you will also be taught according to the MDCAT point of view. 


-Ask Anything & Everything Before your Exams

Most of the students feel shy in asking questions. They do not feel confident enough to clear out their confusions in class. Hence, that confusion remains and they just try to rote learn the concepts. 

You, me and everyone else have done this most of the times. Isn't it? 

But do you know the drawback of not asking the questions at the right time?

Well, this carryforwards to your next step that is MDCAT preparation and hence, eventually affecting your entrance test exam. Therefore, to avoid such a situation you need to make sure all your confusions are cleared and for that what you need to do? You need to ASK!

The more you ask, the more your concepts will be cleared and this will also give you the ability to think out of the box. 

So, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can join Nearpeer's classroom groups. In these groups, you will not only be able to ask questions without any hesitation but also learn from your fellows, and this will aid in peer learning

According to a study, peer learning proves to be an effective way of learning as it makes students engage actively in the classroom. (Source: Learning with each other). Therefore, sit back and ask without any hesitation and learn to your full potential. 


-Learn How to Get Full Marks

Preparing MDCAT along with your FSc will aid you in tackling the MCQs of both FSc and MDCAT.

In addition to that, in short Q/A portion of FSc, students do not write the complete answer and simply lose marks. What's worse is that they never pay heed to find out the reason of losing the marks. And their inability to know why they lose marks and how they can improve, is where the problem lies.  

I know we all write long answers in order to get the full marks but we do not write the points that actually make our answer complete and precise. 

This is the same thing that will be expected of you to learn while doing your MDCAT preparation. Therefore, if you start your FSc and MDCAT preparation simultaneously you will be at an advantage and you will be able to score 210/210 in the exam.

Sounds good!


-Learn Time Management

Managing time is one of the key elements in acing any exam and unfortunately, yet most of us struggle with that. 

Let me tell you! 

Time management comes from practice, the more you practice the more you get better at managing time.  

So it never hurts to practice, practice and practice!

Doing MDCAT preparation along with your FSc will not only aid you in grasping the concepts better but you will also do hands-on-practice. You will gradually get hold of managing time effectively as compared to those who will study after their FSc exams. Along with that, you will also get to know the paper pattern and all the required information well before the time. 

In short, you will be all prepared for both the FSc and MDCAT.


Final Thoughts

To sum it up, you will not only prepare for your FSc but you will also gradually develop a habit of studying conceptually for MDCAT rather than cramming the book.

You will learn the art of managing time, and thinking outside of the box that'll eventually help you a great deal to ace MDCAT and achieve your ultimate goal of getting into Top Medical College.

Moreover, after your FSc, when you don't feel like studying the same content again for the rest of the time, you will only have to revise your books and do all the practice. In this way, you will be ahead of those who start studying for MDCAT exam post-FSc when they'd have only 35 days left. 

Pro-tip: It is not wise to give FSc 7-8 months worth of preparation while giving MDCAT only 1 month. So, study smart and start your MDCAT preparation alongside your FSc. 



Last but not least, if you don't know already

Nearpeer is giving exclusive scholarship to first 50 MDCAT students. So, get the scholarship and start your MDCAT and FSc preparation simultaneously. To avail the scholarship, contact us 0311 1444734

Are you doing MDCAT preparation along with FSc?

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