In a recent public notice, the University of Health Sciences Lahore announced the withholding of the Provisional Merit List for MBBS and BDS admissions into Public Sector Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab for the Session 2023-2024. This decision, made in compliance with PM&DC directives and the Provincial Admission Committee's resolution, aims to accommodate candidates from Sindh and KPK who are set to reappear for the MDCAT on November 19, 2023.

Why the Withholding:

The decision to withhold the merit list aligns with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's (PM&DC) instructions, as conveyed in their letter No.210 dated October 23, 2023. Additionally, the Provincial Admission Committee Punjab, in its meeting on October 31, 2023, endorsed this move to ensure fairness and inclusivity in the admission process.

Impact on Candidates:

This strategic step allows candidates participating in the MDCAT re-conduct in Sindh and KPK to apply for admissions in Punjab post the declaration of their respective province's admission test results. By postponing the merit list, UHS aims to provide equal opportunities for candidates from different regions.

Revised Schedule:

The university will issue a revised schedule for the display of Merit and Selection Lists once PM&DC notifies the admission process schedule. This decision emphasizes transparency and adherence to national-level directives governing medical and dental admissions.

Stay tuned for further updates on the MBBS/BDS admissions front as UHS Lahore navigates through this dynamic phase. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to keep an eye out for the revised schedule to plan their application process effectively.

By staying informed, candidates can make the most of this extended opportunity, ensuring a fair and accessible admission process for all. For more details, regularly check the official UHS website and stay connected for real-time updates.