Q. Do I need to practice MCQs from a lot of guidebooks in order to ace physics portion?

Not necessarily. One practice book is fine and you can use any guidebook on the market for MCQs if you want. But what you really need to do is, have a complete understanding of the textbook material and strictly follow the UHS syllabus and avoid practicing extra topics outside of the syllabus. Along with that, formulas should be at your fingertips.

Q. Is it really the most difficult portion of MDCAT?

It is somewhat true. Physics portion is considered to be comparatively more difficult than the rest of the portions of MDCAT because of a lot of numerical based questions and calculator not being allowed in the exam.

Q. How many numerical based questions are there in physics portion?

It varies and depends upon whether the paper is more difficult than the rest of the years or not. Either way, there are no more than 30 numerical based questions in the physics portion.

Q. Are many/Most of the MCQs in Physics portion are unseen or from A-levels?

Not at all. If you have done the maximum practice of past paper MCQs, polished your concepts and you have learned your text books well enough, you can ACE this portion quite easily. You don't need to study from A-levels books or other books at all. All the required stuff is available in your text books.

Q. I was not really good at Physics during FSc. Will it be difficult for me to score well in Physics in MDCAT too?

This a myth. The good thing about physics is that, its syllabus is not very lengthy. So if you were NOT that good at physics in FSc, you have sufficient time to overcome your weaknesses. A lot of students who used to find physics difficult in FSc have managed to get 37+ MCQs correct in physics portion.

Q. Is book reading sufficient for physics portion?

Not at all. You need to PRACTICE a lot of multiple choice questions if you want to score maximum in this portion. Especially the practice of past paper MCQs is highly recommended. But one thing is for sure, you can not simply ace this portion of the test with just book reading. MCQs’ practice is necessary.

Q. Calculator is not allowed in MDCAT. Will it affect our score in numerical based questions?

The calculations involved in numerical based questions of physics portion are not very complicated. Paper setters know that a calculator is not allowed in the test and they keep that in mind while making the paper. If you know basic mathematical operations, you can easily do most of the calculations without the calculator. For example

1. sine (sin) , cosine(cos) and tangent (tan) functions

2. Converting decimals into 'raised to the power' type numbers. E.g

0.00008 × 1/10000

= 8× 10-5 × 1/104

= 8× 10-5 × 10-4

= 8 × 10-9

3. Simple multiplication and divisions like 10 × 0.5 = 5

Or 10/0.5 = 20 (anything multiplied by 0.5 becomes half and anything divided by 0.5 becomes double)

4. Calculations like

10-5.5 × 10-4.5

= 10-5.5+4.5

= 10-10 AND

             10-5.5 ÷ 10-4.5

= 10-5.5-4.5

            = 10-1

Q. Are there any free MDCAT preparation resources that you offer?

Yes. Apart from a lot of free MDCAT quizzes, a free MDCAT module for each subject is available on the website, consisting of quizzes and video lectures.

Also, you can join our Facebook group for many other free MDCAT resources too.


Q. From where I can do quick preparation for MDCAT?

You can join our Test session and Quick MDCAT preparation program now and productively make use of this short time as much as you can.

Q. Do you have free MCAT Practice Tests/quizzes?

Yes, a lot of free MDCAT practice tests are available on our website too, the links of which are given as follows:

1. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/263
2. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/265
3. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/275
4. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/334
5. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/347
6. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/248
7. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/410
8. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/457

Many other quizzes are available on our website.

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